All Shook Up

An Elvis Pressley Tribute Worthy of The King Himself

All Shook Up Show

When you want to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas, going to see a musical rendition feels like a pretty good place to begin. Well, why not come along and see All Shook Up, one of the most famous Elvis Pressley tribute bands in the world? This is an evening for donning your blue suede shoes and heading out to see a master of the craft at work.

This is the kind of evening that, for 75 minutes, will leave you absolutely spellbound. All Shook Up carries the charisma and confidence of The King himself to give you an evening’s entertainment you will not forget.

All Shook Up Las Vegas Review

If you are a fan of the music of Elvis, then this kind of tribute act can give you the closest thing you will find to Elvis himself. The tribute is developed around offering a rock ‘n’ roll experience that is sure to touch your heart and spirit. It’s built up around so many famous of the songs of Elvis’ collection, from “Heartbreak Hotel” to “Suspicious Minds”. So, why not come along and see for yourself why All Shook Up has become the premium starting place for anyone who loves an Elvis track or ten?

This show is all about giving you the chance to see a rendition of one of the finest musical minds in the world. While the legend himself may no longer be with us, expert shows like this offer a perfect example of just how timeless the music of Elvis is. As one of the best family shows in Vegas, this is the perfect place to come to whether you simply love the music or want to get out and see something new.

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Whether you are in Vegas yourself or you are looking for the best shows in Las Vegas to see as a family, book-up with All Shook Up. This kind of high-tempo, high-energy evening is something that is very hard to forget; loaded with positive energy, charisma, and the kind of lasting entertainment that is pretty hard to dismiss. Spend time listening to the music of one of the finest artists of any generation, and you’ll be sure to head off to the rest of your evening in high spirits and ready for a fantastic time.

Elvis Pressley is one of the most famous musicians of all-time with good reason; All Shook Up can remind you of this or introduce you to the music of Elvis in a charismatic, inspiring way that you might have yet to encounter.

Enjoy a special evening watching a fantastic Elvis tribute at its absolute pomp, bringing together the very best of Elvis’s music in a high-octane, hugely exciting event.

FAQs About All Shook Up Show

How long is The All Shook Up Show in Vegas?

All Shook Up performs at 6 PM each night and lasts for about 75 minutes, and has no age restrictions.

Where to Watch All Shook Up in Las Vegas?

All Shook Up perform at the Pegasus Showroom, which located at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort in Las Vegas! be sure to check out more Alexis Park Las Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For All Shook Up?

When it comes to finding the best seats at a Las Vegas show, one thing is always for sure – everybody has their own unique preference! The seats that you love may be the seats that somebody else hates. The best way to determine if you are going to like your potential seats is by checking the All Shook Up seating chart.

How Much Are All Shook Up Tickets?

Tickets to All Shook Up tribute show can vary significantly depending on when and where your purchase your show bookings. For example, the best price we found was $44 at, but that price can double (or even triple) depending on the vendor you use for your seat reservations.

How much are All Shook Up tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of All Shook Up Las Vegas tickets is $51 and up.

How to Get Discount Tickets for All Shook Up?

With our guide, of course! We make it easy to find All Shook Up discount tickets with over 14 awesome ways to save! Whether it’s combining tickets with a room discount or finding you super low rates, one thing is for sure, you came to the right place to find cheap All Shook Up Tickets!