All Shook Up Seating Chart

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All Shook Up Show

All Shook Up is a production dedicated to the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. It is a tribute show which resurrects Elvis with a brilliant impersonator and live band. You will be rockin’ in your seats the entire time. Meanwhile, you’ll get to hear some of Elvis’s greatest hits, such as “Suspicious Minds” and Heartbreak Hotel.”

All Shook Up Seating Chart

All Shook Up Seating Chart

All Shook Up is performed in the V2 Theater Upstairs Showroom of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. The All Shook Up seating chart for the showroom reveals two primary categories: General Admission and VIP.

The General Admission category is split into two sections: General Admission Side and General Admission Center. The General Admission Side section features seats in the rear on the right and left sides of the theater. The General Admission Center section features seats in the middle rear of the theater. The center seats are slightly better than the side seats because they put you in line with the main stage.

The VIP category has three sections: VIP Center, VIP Front Row Center, and VIP Side. The VIP Center features seats in the middle front of the theater. The section is in front of the General Admission Center, putting it closer to the stage. But if you want to be directly in front of the stage, you can book a seat in the VIP Front Row Center section. Then you can get a close-up look at the Elvis impersonator as he sings his heart away.

What are The Best Seats for All Shook Up?

The best seats on the All Shook Up seating chart are located in the VIP Front Row Center section. There is only one row in the entire section, and it is the closest row to the stage in the whole theater. So if you dream of sitting close to the image of Elvis as he sings on stage, then you will definitely want to book seats in the VIP Front Row Center.

All Shook Up Discount Tickets

The cheapest seats on the All Shook Up seating chart are $44 and up. These are the seats located in the General Admission Side section. They have the farthest distance from the stage and force you to watch the performances from a side angle. If you pay $5 more, you can sit in the rear middle of the theater for $50.

The VIP prices include $60 for the VIP Side, $70 for VIP Center, and $80 for VIP Front Row Center. If you are a true Elvis fan, you might find it worth paying more money to sit in any seat of the VIP sections.

How to Get Discount Tickets for All Shook Up?

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