An Unbelievable Show by The Creative Collaboration of Frank Dragone and Criss Angel

Amystika Las Vegas Show

The Amystika Las Vegas show is a fantastical production from the brilliant and creative minds of magician Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil director Frank Dragone. It is a direct prequel to the other Las Vegas show, “Criss Angel Mindfreak.” If you haven’t seen Mindfreak yet, you should also check that out. Both shows are at the Criss Angel Theater in the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.

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Amystika Las Vegas Review

Criss Angel is best known for his creative, unusual, and technological magic routines. He loves to perform large-scale illusions to make his shows as entertaining as possible. Frank Dragone is the director of two famous Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas productions: Mystere and O. If you know anything about Cirque du Soleil productions, you’ll know they are filled with acrobatics, death-defying stunts, elaborate set designs, and high-end production value.

The Amystika show is everything you would expect from a Las Vegas magic show and much more. It has a beautiful and original storyline about the man himself, Criss Angel, and his rise to becoming a world-renowned magician. Audiences go on a magical journey through the struggles, successes, and inspirations of Criss Angel’s life. The story is told with the help of death-defying stunts, Mike Hammer’s comedy magic, fire artistry, contortion, a massive snowstorm, and many other surprises.

An Amystika review mentions that an incredible indoor tornado is generated in the Criss Angel Theater. Can you think of any other Las Vegas shows that feature indoor tornados with high winds and airborne debris? It is only one example of the magical experience created by the brilliant collaboration of Criss Angel and Frank Dragone. They are true artists who know how to put on an entertaining show for live crowds in Las Vegas.

You will hear Criss Angel’s voice narrating the journey of the show. The journey exposes you to a variety of images and experiences, including positivity and darkness. If you are already familiar with Criss Angel’s style of magic and illusions, you’ll know he loves to showcase dark and scary imagery to shock and overwhelm his audiences. You can expect to see similar imagery at Amystika. That is why the show requires audience members to be at least ten years of age or older to attend. 

Book your tickets to see Amystika in the Criss Angel Theater at least a month in advance. People love to watch Criss Angel’s shows in Vegas because they are exhilarating, original, eye-catching, and memorable. That is why the tickets to his shows sell out quickly. But if you are fortunate enough to purchase a ticket for a desirable seat in the Criss Angel Theater, you will have the time of your life watching the Amystika show.

FAQs About Amystika Las Vegas Show

What is Amystika?

Amystika is a mysterious and fantastical Las Vegas production that is a direct prequel to another Vegas show, “Criss Angel Mindfreak.” Now, Criss Angel has teamed up with Cirque du Soleil director Frank Dragone to deliver a beautiful and creative story about Criss Angel’s life. The Amystika show highlights the triumphs and struggles of Criss Angel and the inspirations which led him on a journey to entertain people with magic and illusions.

How Long is The Amystika Show in Las Vegas?

The Amystika Las Vegas show lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. Each show is somewhat unique, so the length tends to vary slightly. The safest bet is to assume it is 90 minutes long. Give yourself plenty of time before and after the show to enter and leave the theater. So if you plan to see another show or eat at a restaurant afterward, schedule your times generously.

Is Amystika kid friendly?

The minimum age requirement to see the Amystika show is 10 years or older. Since the show displays scary imagery at different times during the performance, younger or sensitive children may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. That is why guests must be at least 10 years of age or older to attend the show. In addition, all children between 10 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years of age or older.

Is Criss Angel performing in Amystika?

Yes, Amystika is Criss Angel’s second show in Las Vegas, and he performs in it. However, if you haven’t yet seen his first show, “Mindfreak,” we recommend you watch that first because the two shows are linked.

Where Can I Watch Amystika show in Vegas?

The Amystika show performs at the Criss Angel Theater in the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Criss Angel has two Planet Hollywood shows, the other being “Mindfreak.”

Is there a dress code for Amystika show?

There is no formal Amystika dress code to attend “Amystika” at the Criss Angel Theater in the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Feel free to wear casual clothing that makes you comfortable, such as jeans and a t-shirt.

What Are the Best Seats for Amystika show?

The Amystika seating chart maps out approximately 1,000 seats located in the Criss Angel Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.
The best seats indicated on the chart are seats 4 through 9 in Row A of Section 102. These seats will put you directly in front of the center stage to give you an up-close view of the performers. The next best seats are in Section 101 and Section 103, which offer front-side views of the center stage.

How much are Amystika tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Amystika Las Vegas tickets is $48 and up. The $48 ticket will get you a seat in the rear of the Criss Angel Theater. But if you want a seat in front of the center stage, you’ll have to pay around $90 per ticket. The extra cost is worth it if you’re a fan of Criss Angel and his scary and mind-bending illusions.