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Amystika Las Vegas Show

Amystika is a fantastical production from the creative minds of magician Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil director Frank Dragone. It is a 75 to 90-minute show of world-class illusions, comedy, magic, and other surprises at the Criss Angel Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. The theater is fully equipped with advanced lighting and immersive technology, such as 3D and video mapping. You won’t find another theater like this one.

Amystika Las Vegas Seating Chart

Amystika Seating Chart

The Amystika Las Vegas seating chart outlines 11 different sections in the Criss Angel Theater. Each seating section offers an unobstructed view of the center stage. The only difference is the distance between your seat and the performers. For instance, Sections 101 through 103 are positioned in the front of the theater, putting you closest to the stage. It is more expensive seating with a starting price of $113, but it is worth the money if you love Criss Angel and his performances.

Sections 201 through 203 are positioned in the middle of the Criss Angel Theater, according to the Amystika seating chart. You may not get the closest views of the center stage in Sections 201 through 203, but you can still enjoy a discount price of $94 for your ticket. On the other hand, if you truly want to be economical and budget-friendly, you can spend $68 for seating in Sections 301 through 305. These are the final five sections way in the rear of the theater. 

What are The Best Seats for Amystika?

The Amystika Las Vegas show is performed in the Criss Angel Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. The best seats are in Row A of Sections 101 through 103 because they offer the closest views of the center stage and the performers on the stage. However, many people prefer seating in Sections 102, 202, and 303 because these sections are in the direct center of the theater. They will perfectly align you with the center stage but at different distances.

How Many Seats are In The Amystika Theater?

The Amystika Las Vegas seating chart indicates the Criss Angel Theater has a total seat capacity of 1,000 seats. Therefore, it is a relatively large theater with good seating in all the sections of the theater.