Anthony Cools Hypnotist Show

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Anthony Cools Las Vegas Show

When you want to enjoy an evening of comedic and enjoyable fun in Las Vegas, you need to know where to look for some interesting fun. If you fancy something a bit outside of the box, then, few options are likely to be more enjoyable or intriguing to interact with than Anthony Cools — The Uncensored Hypnotist. This is the kind of show that leaves you wondering why you are getting very sleepy, and it is never through boredom!

Anthony Cools Hypnotist Show Review

When you are on the lookout for a Las Vegas hypnotist show that adds some intrigue into the experience, this is the place to start for sure. Cools is the kind of hypnotist who knows how to work the crowd. With this, you get to enjoy a unique experience that is going to leave you with a night of what he describes as “good, clean, and dirty” fun!

If that sounds like a contradiction, remember you are dealing with a master at work in Anthony Cools. If you want to be part of the show, you can volunteer. If not, you can sit back and watch Cools take over the people on the stage, having them dancing to his tune and doing more or less anything he wishes. It’s a hilarious, high-energy experience that is almost certain to leave you in stitches of laughter as he comes up with hilarious ways to make his participants take part in all manner of hilarious acts up on the stage.

You’ll see people taking part in ridiculous scenarios they would never dream of doing on their own. It’s this ingenious interaction with the audience that easily makes this among the top Vegas shows to come and try out – especially if you fancy something with a big of a comedic edge that changes the tone entirely.

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Anthony Cools - Best comedy shows in Las Vegas

The joy of a hypnotic show like this is that you can either take part and become the show, or you can take a watching brief and howl with laughter. The whole event is hilariously fun, with hypnotism used to help make the show even better as opposed to make a mockery of anyone. So, why not see for yourself the power of a top quality hypnotist at work on the stage?

If you enjoy a unique experience when it comes to your comedy, you should have no problem feeling the fun with Anthony Cools. Book up today for his show at Paris Las Vegas, and you’ll wonder what you have just witnessed!

FAQs About Anthony Cools Hypnotist Show

Who is Anthony Cools?

Anthony Cools is a hilarious hypnotist who has performed his show “Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist Show” at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas for 15 years. Cools is great at working with a crowd and keeping them entertained from beginning to end.
The Anthony Cools Showroom at the Paris Hotel is a high-energy atmosphere filled where audience members can volunteer to come up on stage and become part of the act. Cools puts them in hilarious scenarios by hypnotizing them to do funny things.

Is Anthony Cools real?

Many people will have different opinions about whether Anthony Cools is a real hypnotist or an entertainer. However, it is safe to say Cools is more of an entertainer who uses hypnotism for entertainment purposes.
It is best to attend his shows with the expectation of being entertained. Don’t expect a real certified hypnotist who can make you profoundly change your real life. Cools is there to entertain crowds by making volunteers do ridiculous things on stage. That is all.

Where does Anthony Cools perform in Las Vegas?

Anthony Cools performs “Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist Show” at the Anthony Cools Showroom of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.
The Paris Las Vegas shows are at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, so it is easy to find the hotel. Anthony Cools’ show is currently performed at 9 PM on Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday.

Is Anthony Cools still performing?

The Anthony Cools’ “Uncensored Hypnotist” show is temporarily closed at the Paris Hotel.

What happened to Anthony Cools?

Caesars Entertainment shut down numerous shows in their theaters and hotels, including Anthony Cools’ Uncensored Hypnotist show. It was a quick and unexpected decision from the parent company. As of now, there is no telling when Anthony Cools will be back to perform in Las Vegas.