Atomic Saloon

Western chaos told with world class wit and charm

Atomic Saloon

When you want to enjoy a chaotic evening in Las Vegas, few events are more suited to the madness than the Atomic Saloon Show. This hilarious evening’s chaos is something where anything can happen. When you turn up for an event at the Kraken Music Hall you always expect something pretty special. This event, though, really knows how to throw things into the next level of energy, engagement, and realism. This event shows you just how much fun it must have been to be part of the lawless madness that is the well-documented Wild West. Why not come along and see for yourself?

A Wild West Evening Where The Rules are Left Behind

If you want to come along to a highly energizing show where the crowd is very much involved, take part in this hilarious experience. When you come along to take part in the Atomic Saloon Show, you’ll see something that really should be left for adults. Please note that this is one of the 18+ comedy shows in Vegas, as things can get pretty wild and crazy here.

Come along and see for yourself why so many come to the Atomic Saloon Show. From hilarious takes on tumbleweeds gone wild to gunslinging cowboys and atomic bomb testing sites; you’ll see a bit of everything that makes history in the Wild West so crazy to read about. In this event, you’ll get to see the infamous Boozy Skunkton who has come back to take on the Music Hall like never before.

If you’ve never met Ms. Skunkton before, you are about to take part in what is a simply wild experience. Here, you’ll see a woman who knows nothing other than getting her own way and doing things as she pleases. As part of her comical troupe, she’ll do whatever she wants, takes whatever she likes, and basically runs things as she sees fit. It really is one of the best shows in Las Vegas!

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Saloon Chaos in a Wonderfully Energizing Show Event

As you might imagine, this troupe is filled with everything from laugh out loud comedy to various variety acts, stunts, events, and acrobatic shows. After all, what’s an event at the The Venetian Resort without a few acrobats to make the pulse race a bit faster?

The whole show is built around making sure you can have a wild west of a time, ensuring that you just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the hilarity as it unfolds around you at a pace that is hard to keep up with.

Sound like the kind of wild evening you want from your trip to Las Vegas? Then get involved with the Atomic Saloon Show today and see the madness first-hand!