Australian Bee Gees

The Ultimate Tribute Show to the Legendary Bee Gees

Australian Bee Gees

The Australian Bee Gees revive the legendary Bee Gees band at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. The group of impersonators will sing legendary Bee Gees classics like “Staying Alive,” “How Deep is Your Love,” and “You Should Be Dancing.” It is a live celebration show paying tribute to more than 50 years of memorable hits from the Bee gees.

About Australian Bee Gees

There are plenty of fabulous Las Vegas impersonator shows. However, the Australian Bee Gees in Las Vegas is an impersonator show which does a beautiful job of paying tribute to the legendary band, the Bee Gees. The band was comprised of the popular Gibb brothers, who gave us such classics as “Staying Alive” and “You Should Be Dancing.”

The Bee Gees went strong for more than 50 years. So naturally, it sets a high bar for the Australian Bee Gees to live up to, but they sure deliver. The Australian Bee Gees in Las Vegas is a 70-minute impersonator and tribute show featuring outstanding lighting, large screens, beautiful graphics, high-quality sound systems, and memorable music. Even if you are not familiar with the Bee Gees music, you will become a fan after the show is over. 

The Australian Bee Gees are not only native to Las Vegas. The group has performed for over one million people in concert halls and theaters in over 40 countries. Each show is usually sold out due to the high demand to see the group perform live. The performers of the Australian Bee Gees have such a strong resemblance to the original Bee Gees band members.

They can even imitate the same legendary sound that gained the Bee Gees international stardom and attention. So it is no wonder that the Australian Bee Gees are also famous internationally. Some people might not even realize they are impersonating another band because the sound is crisp and authentic.

The Australian Bee Gees have been going strong for 22 years. There is no doubt they will continue to go strong for another 22 years as new generations attend their shows and discover the Bee Gees music through their voices.

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The showtimes available are Wednesday through Monday at 7 PM. Tuesday is currently the only day when shows are not available. The minimum age requirement for guests is five years old or older. This requirement should be acceptable for most families traveling with children. The show is 70 minutes long and costs a minimum of $53 to gain admittance.