Banachek’s Mind Games

Master Magician and Mentalist Banachek Brings “Mind Games” to Vegas

Banachek’s Mind Games Show

Banachek’s Mind Games is brought to you by “the world’s greatest mind reader.” Banachek is a master illusionist, mentalist, and magician who brings nonstop entertainment to his audiences at the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel. He is even a top consultant to other great magicians globally, including Penn & Teller, David Blaine, and David Copperfield.

Banachek’s Mind Games Review

Banachek’s Mind Games is one of the best Las Vegas hypnotist shows you will ever see. The master mentalist and magician, Banachek, delivers a nonstop entertaining performance that includes one mind-reading trick after another. It won’t take you long to realize why people refer to him as the “world’s greatest mind reader.” He can read minds in a way that no one else can.

Despite being a mentalist himself, Banachek is very skeptical about other people who claim to be psychics and mentalists. Banachek has actually worked with real-life investigators to help expose fake psychics and mediums who deceive desperate people out of their hard-earned money. His most famous case was when he publically exposed an American televangelist named Peter Popoff on a 1986 episode of “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”

Banachek has made headlines with his mind-reading abilities since 18 years old. Researchers at Washington University’s McDonnell Laboratory for Psychical Research had studied Banachek to see whether his psychic abilities were real. He managed to persuade many of them of his psychic powers, even after exposing the truth about his mentalist tricks.

Banachek has received more awards and accolades than any other mentalist in the United States. His most notable achievements are the International Magicians Society Award and the Psychic Entertainers Creativity Award. In addition, the famous magic duo Penn and Teller have praised Banachek and called him a “magical thinker of deep, deep subtlety.”

You know a mentalist is good when other mentalists and magicians hire him to be their consultant. Banachek’s most notable clients are David Blaine, Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, and David Copperfield.

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Guests must be at least five years of age or older to attend Banachek’s Mind Games at the STRAT Theater. Showtimes are Wednesdays through Mondays at 4:00 PM. The only day it is not available is Tuesday.

The minimum ticket price is $27 as of now. That is a great deal when you consider the show length is 75 minutes. So, you’ll get a lot for your money no matter where you end up sitting in the theater.

FAQs About Banachek’s Mind Games

How Long Is Banachek Show?

The Banachek Magic show is one of the best daytime shows to see in Las Vegas. It performs Wednesday through Monday at 4 PM and last for 75 minutes.

Where Do The Banachek Play?

The Banachek Mind Games Live Show performs at the STRAT Theater as one of shows at The Stratosphere Las Vegas.

What Are The Best Seats For The Banachek Show?

The truth is that all Las Vegas shows have great seating anywhere in the house! The trick is to check out the Banachek seating chart to find the section that is going to give you the best experience at the show! 

How much are Banachek’s Mind Games tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Banachek’s Mind Games Las Vegas tickets is $20 and up.

How To Get Cheap Banachek Show Tickets?

Prices on tickets to the Banachek Mind Games Live Show can cost as little as $20, depending on when you buy and how you buy them! We’ve included Banachek’s Mind Games discount tickets. So be sure to take a look!