Banachek’s Tickets

Banachek’s Tickets For Seats In The STRAT Hotel

Banachek’s Mind Games Show

Banachek’s Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. Banachek is a master psychic and magician known all across the world. His reputation began after helping the authorities expose fake psychics. But his performance skills are genuinely remarkable and will make you a true believer in psychics after watching his 75-minute show at the STRAT Theater.

Banachek’s Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtimes for Banachek’s Vegas tickets are 4:00 PM on Wednesdays through Mondays. No performance dates are scheduled for Tuesdays. However, these showtimes and dates are subject to change at any time. So if you’re planning to come to Las Vegas soon, you should book your tickets in advance to ensure you get the best seats on the time and date you prefer to attend the show. Banachek’s Mind Games is a popular show, and there’s no telling how long before all the tickets are sold out.

The most popular dates for Banachek’s tickets are Saturdays and Sundays. Tourists love to attend Banachek’s Mind Games show and other Las Vegas shows on the weekends. That is why you should reserve your tickets to Banachek’s show as early as possible to ensure you get seats matching your budget and quality preferences.

Banachek’s Ticket Prices

There are approximately 640 seats available to reserve per show in the STRAT Theater of the STRAT Hotel. Banachek’s show in Las Vegas has four primary seating sections: Rear Section, Preferred Section, VIP Table Section, and VIP Booth Section. The most desirable seats are in the VIP section because they provide the best views of the center stage. But if you want cheaper seating, you can purchase tickets for seats in the Rear Section or Preferred Section.

Let’s explore the four primary seating sections in more detail below:


The Rear Section consists of the seating in the far rear of the STRAT Theater. It has the cheapest seats because they are the most distant from the center stage. The minimum price of Banachek’s tickets in Las Vegas for seats in the Rear Section is $27 and up. So if you care more about saving money than where you sit in the theater, the Rear Section offers an opportunity to see Banachek’s show on a budget. But, of course, you’ll still have a good time no matter where you sit in the theater.


The Preferred Section consists of seating in front of the Rear Section and behind the VIP Table and VIP Booth sections. Guests can enjoy a healthy balance of quality seating and affordability in the Preferred Section because it puts you closer to the center stage at a budget-friendly price. After all, the minimum cost of Banachek’s show tickets in the Preferred Section is $32 and up. That is only $5 more than the ticket price for a seat in the Rear Section. So who wouldn’t want to spend an extra $5 to sit closer to the stage?

VIP Table

The VIP Table Section contains seating directly in front of the center stage. In fact, it has the closest seats to the center stage and tables next to the seats for additional comfort. As a result, guests will get clear and intimate views of Banachek’s incredible magic tricks and psychic power demonstrations. Perhaps you may even get lucky enough to participate in these demonstrations because Banachek loves choosing volunteers who’re sitting close to the center stage. The minimum price of Banachek’s in Las Vegas tickets for seats in the VIP Table Section is $38 and up.

VIP Booth

The VIP Booth section features a select number of private booths behind the VIP Table Section and in front of the Preferred Section. Although the booths are not as close to the center stage as the VIP Table seats, each guest can enjoy a private booth while watching Banachek perform. The views of the stage won’t get obstructed, giving you a clear and aligned view of the stage. The minimum price of Banachek’s VIP tickets for seats in the VIP Booth Section is $43.

The prices of tickets for Las Vegas shows like Banachek’s Mind Games will change frequently based on availability and demand. Therefore, we recommend you purchase your tickets a couple of months in advance to ensure you get the seats you want and the price you want. However, if you’re planning to visit within the next few weeks rather than months, look for canceled ticket reservations to find great opportunities for deals on ticket prices.


The price range for tickets to see Banachek’s Mind Games is between $27 to $43. It is a very affordable price range even when no discounts are offered. But if you’re interested in purchasing Banachek’s Las Vegas discount tickets, you can find plenty of great deals on Vegas Lens.

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