Hear The Classics From The Most Famous Band in Musical History


Like many millions of others, perhaps billions, you love The Beatles. They are one of the most respected and revered bands in musical history. Since instruments were a thing, few bands have captured the hearts, souls, and ears of musical fans across generational divides quite like The Beatles. Now, you can come along and see them yourself courtesy of Beatleshow.

This show puts together one of the finest Las Vegas dinner shows, showing you something truly different from the norm. It’s a show where a group of performers put together the best of the hits from The Beatles, creating an absolutely fantastic musical performance that is to be enjoyed and adored.

If you want to enjoy yourself when it comes to music, then something like Beatleshow can offer a wonderful way to hear the classic hits right in front of you.

Beatleshow Las Vegas Review

Revered as one of the best musical groups ever, The Beatles have a lot of musical history to cover. And in a 75-minute session, you will find that Beatleshow offers the perfect recreation of their music. While the hands of time mean that we can no longer enjoy a live Beatles gig, these covers experts do a wonderful job of making it sound as close to the real thing as it can be.

This show brings you Beatlemania right into the heart of Las Vegas, allowing you to enjoy something totally different. This is easily rated as one of the best shows in Vegas, offering something totally different. It’s a high-impact, enjoyable experience that covers everything from “Eight Days a Week” to “I Saw Her Standing There.”

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One of the best things about this show is that the venue is recreated to ensure that it can feel like a proper Beatles gig. Everything is done to try and ensure that the atmosphere and the general demeanor fits in exactly. The whole experience is going to leave you with something very satisfying indeed. As the show goes through the gears, you’ll get to enjoy the mop-topped quarter deliver their finest recreations of some of the most beloved music in all of modern history. Is that not worth coming along to see for yourself?

Book up for a trip to Beatleshow today, and you can enjoy one of the best Las Vegas music shows whilst enjoying a bite to eat. This is the kind of show that leaves you truly satisfied, hearing some of the finest music from The Beatles come to life in a way that only Beatleshow can pull off.

FAQs About Beatleshow In Las Vegas

How long is Beatleshow in Las Vegas?

The Beatleshow has a length of 75 minutes, which is a standard length for many Planet Hollywood shows at the Miracle Mile Shops.

Where does Beatleshow perform in Las Vegas?

You can see the Beatleshow perform in the Saxe Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. It is one of the many Planet Hollywood shows at the Miracle Mile Shops.

Is the Beatles show still playing in Vegas?

No. The Beatleshshow is temporarily unavailable but will be back soon. You can still see other Planet Hollywood shows at the Miracle Mile Shops.