The Big Little Variety Show Tickets

The Big Little Variety Show Tickets For Seats In The Pegasus Showroom

The Big Little Show Las Vegas

The Big Little Variety Show Las Vegas tickets are available for seats in the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort in Las Vegas. The show features 65 minutes of non-stop entertainment featuring a rotating roster of world-renowned performers from cruise ship headliners, television shows, and international circuses. Some of the variety show entertainment they bring include death-defying acrobatics, daring escapes, sword swallowing, comedy, and other great surprises.

The Big Little Variety Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for the Big Little Variety Show Vegas tickets is 5:30 PM on Fridays. No performances are scheduled for any other day of the week than Friday, but that is subject to change at any time. It is good that Friday is a popular time to visit Las Vegas because it accommodates most people’s vacation schedules.

The Big Little Variety Show has no age restriction for admittance, which makes it a family-friendly production for people of all ages. Just remember the Pegasus Showroom has a low-seat capacity of only 150 seats, which means tickets sell out quickly for each showtime. Therefore, you must hurry to claim your seat because the reservations fill up quickly.

The Big Little Variety Ticket Prices

The Big Little Variety Show in Las Vegas has three primary seating sections in the Pegasus Showroom: General Admission, Table, and Front Row. There is no good or bad choice between them because they all offer amazing views of the center stage. So you can easily relax and have a good time getting entertained along with the rest of the audience members in the showroom.

When searching for tickets to reserve to see the show, you should focus on getting any ticket without worrying so much about the seat location. The intimate size of the showroom makes any ticket reservation a gem. Otherwise, the limited seat capacity will make it more difficult to find the exact seat you want, especially if you’re not giving yourself enough time in advance.

Let’s explore the three primary seating sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission section features seating on the left and right sides of the Pegasus Showroom. These seats will give you a side-angle view of the center stage, making them less desirable. However, the intimate size of the theater will still put you relatively close to the center stage if you sit in the General Admission section. The best part is that you can enjoy the cheapest ticket prices because the minimum price for the Big Little Variety Show tickets in the General Admission category is $19.


The Table section features seats with tables in between the General Admission and Front Row sections of the theater. There are at least three tables aligned vertically on the left and right sides of the Front Row section. Since the Table section puts you closer to the middle of the theater, you will have less of a side-angle view and more of a centered view. The minimum price for the Big Little Variety show Vegas tickets in the Table section is $24.

Front Row

The Front Row section is the most desirable seating section in the theater because it features about six to eight tables in the middle. These seats align you perfectly with the center stage and eliminate the side-angle view you would have in the other two sections. The minimum price for the Big Little Variety Show VIP tickets in the Front Row section is only $28, which is almost the same as the Table section’s ticket prices. Wouldn’t you want to pay $4 more for the best seating in the theater?

Everyone wants to find affordable tickets for Vegas shows during these tough economic times. One of the reasons why the Big Little Variety show is popular is that it has a low-price range of between $19 and $28. There are few Las Vegas shows with ticket prices as low as this show. It is just one more reason why Big Little Variety show tickets are in high demand. Therefore, you need to order your tickets a few months in advance to ensure you get a seat on the date and time you plan to arrive in Las Vegas.


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