Blue Man Group

Theatrical Charm Mixed with Art and Music for The Ideal Evening

Blue Man Group

As one of the perfect shows for kids in Vegas, the Blue Man Group has become a must-see. If you love a range of theatrical events with a blend of music, art, and even a little science, then this is the place for you. Recommended for anyone aged 3+ thanks to the use of percussion and props, this is the perfect family entertainment piece. Book up for one of the best shows in Las Vegas, then, and remind yourself why there is so much to love about theatrical art!

Blue Man Group Review

One of the main reasons to think about coming along to afternoon shows in Las Vegas is the family-friendly appeal. While shows held later in the evening might be a touch more adult, the Blue Man Group keeps things nice and comfortable. The youngsters will be amazed, and even eagle-eyed adults in the crowd will be left wondering what they have just witnessed. It’s a spectacular opportunity for you if you want to just enjoy yourself, let loose, and see what all of the fun is about.

Events like this tend to be the ideal starting place for afternoons entertainment in Las Vegas. These are ideal shows for kids in Vegas too thanks to the way that the show is so varied. Kids can enjoy watching a show that for 105 minutes offers something totally different in each section, keeping them thrilled and entertained for the duration of the day.

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Shows like this tend to be ideal for anyone trying to give their kids an insight into a theatrical performance. It’s a show that is loaded with educational fun but also amazing tricks that your kids will definitely want to know more about when the show comes to an end. With that in mind, then, why not come along and see what wonderful fun will be waiting for you here?

These afternoon shows in Las Vegas are hugely popular for a reason. Come along and see for yourself, and you can take things to the next level in terms of edutainment; your kids will love every second of this!

The best shows in Vegas combine entertainment with education, and the Blue Man Group does that perfectly. Book up today with Vegas Lens, and see for yourself why this is rated as one of the best shows to bring the kids along to in the entire city.

FAQs About The Blue Man Group Show

How Long Is The Blue Man Group Show in Las Vegas?

The Blue Man Group performance is featured on the Atrium level in the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Shows are performed at 5 PM and 8 PM, which is perfect for those trying to find afternoon shows in Las Vegas. The show lasts around 90 to 105 minutes and does not include an intermission.

What does the Blue Man Group do?

The Blue Man Group is a unique and creative performance arts company that uses blue men as its performers. Each Blue Man Group show usually features three men with their skin painted blue and wearing dark attire. They put on a comedic performance by moving to the company’s original music, playing makeshift instruments, performing quick-change illusions, and other creative and visually stunning acts.

How did the Blue Man Group start?

The Blue Man Group started in 1987 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Three close friends collaborated on the idea of wearing blue masks while leading a street procession for real-world issues like the Berlin Wall. Once MTV did a story on these unusual blue men, it led to opportunities for them to perform small shows in clubs. Their popularity continued to increase as bigger and better performance opportunities were offered to them.

Was Blue Man Group on America’s Got Talent?

Yes. Blue Man Group appeared in the season finale of “America’s Got Talent” in 2012. They performed the hit song “Shake Your Euphemism” for a national audience.

Why is the Blue Man Group popular?

There are many reasons why Blue Man Group continues to resonate with audiences after 30 years since its formation. Not only do they blend comedy and music in their shows, but they don’t speak at all. So the lack of a language barrier makes it easier for international audiences to love and appreciate them.
The Blue Man Group provides a visually stunning show. The blue performers offer a high-energy musical presentation containing interactive theatrics, unforgettable music, and vibrant colors surrounding the theater. And, of course, audiences are drawn to the blue skin of the performers.

Is the Blue Man Group worth seeing?

They are definitely worth seeing if you have never seen the Blue Man Group before. The ticket prices only start at about $50 to see their show in the Blue Man Theater of the Luxor Hotel. So it is a good investment of your time and money.

What age is good for Blue Man Group?

There are no age restrictions for guests to attend the Blue Man Group show at the Luxor Hotel. However, bringing children three years of age or older is better because the percussive music could disturb infants and small children.
Guests 16 years old and younger must have an adult accompanying them. The adult has to be 18 years old or older.

Is Blue Man Group good for kids?

Yes, the Blue Man Group production team recommends the show to children three years old and older. The entertainment content is appropriate for all ages because nothing obscene or adult-oriented is portrayed in the show.

Is Blue Man Group fun for adults?

Yes, the Blue Man Group is fun for adults and children alike. The Blue Men have a uniquely fun and clean comedy style that is universally appealing to all ages.

Is the Blue Man Group the same guys?

The original three men who started the Blue Man Group are no longer the managers and owners of the company. The famous entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil, purchased ownership of the Blue Man Group company and shows in 2017. Now there is a rotating cast of 17 different performers of the Blue Man Group.

How many people are in the Blue Man Group?

Each show features three leading blue bald male performers. However, they are not the same three blue men performing in each show because the Blue Man Group has a rotating cast of performers.
The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas uses 17 different rotating performers, but it has 68 performers distributed worldwide.

Who are the members of Blue Man Group?

The original three members of the Blue Man Group are Chris Wenk, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman. They have since sold the Blue Man Group company to Cirque du Soleil in 2017.

Does the Blue Man Group speak?

No, the Blue Men of the Blue Man Group do not speak during their performances.

Do you get wet at Blue Man Group?

Most of the people in the Blue Man Theater will not get wet. However, the Category B seating section is in the front center of the theater, the closest section to the center stage. The Blue Men perform certain stunts on stage that cause water and washable paint liquids to splash onto the guests sitting in this section.
Category B is nicknamed the Poncho section because guests in this category are given ponchos to wear in their seats before the show starts. That way, they can protect their clothing from any splashing liquids. It is recommended to wear casual clothing that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.

Do the Blue Man Group paint their faces?

Yes, the Blue Men of the Blue Man Group wear grease paint on their faces. Grease paint gives their skin a wet glossy appearance, making them look even more magical and unusual. 

What does Blue Man Group use on their face?

The Blue Men of the Blue Man Group uses blue grease paint on their faces.

How long has the Blue Man Group been in Vegas?

The Blue Man Group started its first Las Vegas production at the Luxor Theater in the year 2000. Since then, the Blue Man Group has become a favorite among tourists and locals in Las Vegas.

Does Blue Man Group still perform in Las Vegas?

Yes, the Blue Man Group still performs in the Blue Man Theater at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Their showtimes are 5 PM and 8 PM on various days of the week.

Where Is The Blue Man Group Playing in Las Vegas?

It’s among Luxor Las Vegas shows, Blue Man Group perform at the Blue Man Theater.

What Are The Best Seats For Blue Man Group?

Finding the right seats for a show is all about determining where you think you would get the best view. To figure that out, take a look at the Blue Man Group seating chart!

Does Blue Man Group require a vaccine?

Yes. The Blue Man Group requires all guests 12 years old and older to be fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, such as Pfizer. You must present your proof of vaccination card when you arrive at the entryway of the Blue Man Theater.

Is there a dress code for the Blue Man Group show?

No, there is no particular Blue Man Group dress code at the Luxor Hotel. Feel free to dress casual and comfortable, especially if you sit in the front center of the theater in the designated splash zone.

How much are Blue Man Group tickets in Las Vegas?

Blue Man Group Las Vegas tickets start at $50 and up. The tickets sell quickly, so you should purchase them well in advance of your Vegas trip.
If you want to sit in the Poncho section, where the splashing takes place in the front center of the theater, those tickets will cost you $128. 

How To Get Discount Tickets To Blue Man Group?

There are plenty of different ways to save big on tickets to the Blue Man Group show! We love helping our readers find tickets at a great price, so we have found all of the best ways for you to score a set of your own Blue Man Group discount tickets. Check out the many different ways.