Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

Enjoy an Hour of Vintage Comedy From The Heart of Las Vegas

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club

When you want to find a vintage comedy club in Las Vegas that retains much of the soul of old-school clubs, few better places exist than Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. Come down and you can find all manner of classic comedians enjoying whipping up the crowd with insightful comedy and lots of great ideas. You might even choose the ideal night when Garrett himself will be on-stage giving the audience a treat from a master of the craft. Why not come along to Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand, then?

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Review

Las Vegas is known as a home of entertainment, and it is down to geniuses like Garrett that this is the case. This is a place built on high-class comedy and outrageous entertainment, and that is exactly what you get by coming to this particular comedy club. It’s got that classic vibe that you might find from watching vintage comedy from the previous years, though the jokes are still fresh and endearing.

For one hour each evening you get to enjoy a tremendous showcase of awesome stories. So long as you are 21 or above, you can come along to try out this quite spectacular part of the MGM Grand. Comedy clubs need to be held together with smart thinkers, and Garrett fits that vibe with consummate ease. He’s an Emmy-winning genius who has been in shows including Everybody Loves Raymond, so you’ll be seeing a face that you probably know pretty well by now!

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If you want to enjoy a comedy evening that is all about making sure you can enjoy headline acts, then come on down here. Garrett is occasionally on the set himself, while other stars from the Las Vegas Strip often take to the stage. Garrett’s Comedy Club is rated as among the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, so come on down and see for yourself why that is by enjoying its unique and varied collection of comedy insights. This is home to some of the best comedy shows, so why not try it out for yourself?

The site used to be held at the famous Tropicana, but today you can find it at MGM Grand. This newest club is home to all manner of outrageous comedy, witty insight, and amazing takes that might simply blow your mind when you hear them. So, why not come along and see it you can spot Garrett or one of his various comedy companions at their best?

Come along and see the show in all of its grandeur and glory by taking a quick trip to Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, the ideal opportunity for anyone to see comedy the way it’s supposed to be portrayed.

FAQs About Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

When did Brad Garrett Comedy Club open?

Brad Garrett has performed in Las Vegas since the 1980s. His first comedy club opened at the Tropicana Hotel in June 2010. Two years later, his comedy club moved to the MGM Grand Hotel in 2012. 

How Long Is Brad Garrett Show?

The Brad Garrett Comedy Club Show performs at 8 PM and 10 PM and lasts for about 60 minutes.

Where Does Brad Garrett Perform?

The Brad Garrett Comedy Club performs at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. be sure to take a look other MGM Grand shows.

Is Brad Garrett Family Friendly Show?

While there are plenty of kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas to catch while visiting the world-famous city – this one is likely not one of them. Guests must be 21 years or older to attend the show, so you’ll have to leave the younger ones home for this show.

Who performs at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club?

Brad Garrett doesn’t always perform at his own comedy club. He might make an occasional appearance at the club, but most of the comedians at the club range from newcomers to professionals.

Does Brad Garrett Comedy Club serve food?

The Brad Garrett Comedy Club doesn’t have a food menu or kitchen to make food. However, guests can purchase fresh popcorn in many different flavors.

What Are The Best Seats For Brad Garrett Club?

The easiest way to find the best seats for the club is by checking out the Brad Garrett comedy club seating chart.

Is there a dress code for Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club?

The Brad Garrett Comedy Club dress code is casual. So there is no strict dress code you need to worry about at the comedy club because it is a comfortable and laidback environment.
Of course, some people may want to wear a light sweater or jacket because the air conditioning can be pretty cool.

How much are Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club tickets in Las Vegas?

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club tickets have a starting price of $64 and up.

How To Get Cheap Brad Garrett Club Tickets?

Of course, the amount that you pay for the show depends on how you buyer your tickets and when you buy your tickets. Take a look at our tips and trick at Brad Garrett comedy club discount tickets to find how to save the most money!