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Celestia Show

If you want to find an easy way to enjoy the top Vegas shows, then you want to check out the hugely popular Celestia. This show is highly rated as among the best shows of its kind in the city, offering a family-friendly experience that is sure to leave you all gasping with excitement. The show itself is built around a series of amazing acrobatic exploits, put together in a 30,000 square-foot tent that brings together some of the finest performers on the circuit.

Celestia Las Vegas Review

As one of the most well-loved family friendly Vegas shows, this makes an obvious place to come and check out for any thrill seeker. You will see amazing acrobatic movements, contemporary dance performances, and outstanding spectacles that will leave you wondering just what is next. This is the kind of show that keeps you on your feet waiting to see what happens next, creating a mysterious, even mystical theme to the evening that can always leave you wondering what is about to happen in the ensuing acts and chapters to come.

If you enjoy the idea of a top quality acrobatic experience that comes with a unique range of exciting acts involved, then book up with Celestia. You can get the best prices for Celestia tickets and bookings through Vegas Lens.

This show will leave you trying to work out how the various acts come to be, and how the amazing work that is done on stage actually takes place. Really, this is the kind of show that leaves you bewildered. As you leave the show, you’ll be discussing the ins and outs of what took place in front of you with the guests you arrived with.

The whole show is built around a fast pace, thrill-seeking style that is so easy to fall in love with. Add in the fact this is one of the most reliable family friendly Vegas shows in terms of consistent entertainment, and even the wildest of children should love spending time in this most spectacular of experiences. It’s the kind of location that makes it easy for you and everyone who comes along with you to enjoy yourself, to let loose, and to just have a little fun with your evening.

For 70 minutes, then, you can enjoy a spectacular experience that is packed with amazing acrobatic styles and skills.

If your main aim when you are coming to Vegas is to find a show that can inspire you and show you something you have likely never seen before, this is the perfect place to begin. Book up with a Celestia show today and remind yourself just why Las Vegas is the home of stunning feats of acrobatic magic!

FAQs About Celestia Show

Where does Celestia perform in Las Vegas?

The Celestia Las Vegas show performs in the Celestia Theatre Tent of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. It is one of the only Stratosphere shows produced for this massive 30,000-square-foot tent.

Is Celestia still performing in Vegas?

Unfortunately, the Celestia Las Vegas show has permanently closed with no plans on returning to the STRAT Hotel. Even though Celestia was a popular show amongst audiences in Vegas, it was also a very expensive show with numerous cast members. The cost factor was likely the reason Celestia closing down.