Comedy Cellar

Find laughs in the comedy club that launched legendary careers

Comedy Cellar

Las Vegas is known as being one of the true homes of American laughter, and few venues show that more than the Comedy Cellar. This awesome little hotspot is the perfect place to turn to for anyone looking for an hour and a half of spine-splitting hilarity. It hosts some of the finest Las Vegas comedy shows available today. The critically acclaimed Comedy Cellar might first have started in New York City, but it’s now an immediate attraction for anyone looking for some proper laughs!

Uplifting Comedy Experience for Legends and Rookies

Head on down to Rio and you can come across the awesome Comedy Cellar. This is a venue that gave a vital start to legendary contemporary comedians as varied as Chris Rock and Amy Schumer. It’s become a major part of Vegas history and has been part of the NYC comedy scene for over 35 years. When you buy up for one of the hotly rated shows here, you will be treated to a five-fold of comedians of world class repute.

While legends like Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart made their names here, new legends are born all the time as well. Booking up for here and you get to enjoy five comedians who show you their finest material and give you an insight into how their hilarious brains come up with the things that they say. Some you might see here could be first-time performers in Vegas, while others might have been on the scene for decades. One thing for sure can be said about the Comedy Cellar: the jokes are certainly not coming from the bottom of the barrel.

This is a comedy venue that is sure to leave you laugh-drunk come to the end of an intoxicating evening’s excitement. Few venues in Vegas can offer the same richness, variety, and density of jokes coming from all manner of topics, themes, and ideas.

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Come for The Laughs, Stay for The Legends

As you can see when looking at Comedy Cellar bookings, this is one of the best shows in Vegas. It offers a world class experience that only has one problem; you might struggle to get tickets!

If you can land a few tickets, though, you’ll be treated to an evening of absolute comedy royalty. New stars appear all the time, whilst other legends who have been doing the comedy scene in Las Vegas turn up on a regular basis, also.

The excellent Mark Cohen typically hosts current line-ups. Given these events always look to keep the variety high and the topics on-point, you can enjoy a range of humor that is simply out there in terms of the insights and the ideas that they put across. Part of the fun that comes from the Comedy Cellar in Las Vegas is getting to see some of the best comedians from TV on the stage in front of you.

If you want to enjoy a Las Vegas comedy evening, be sure to head on down to Rio and book-up for a fantastic evening at the Comedy Cellar.