Comedy Cellar Seating Chart

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Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is a comedy club that originated in New York City. It created a platform to help launch the careers of many notable comedians, including Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, and Dave Chappelle. After nearly four decades, the Comedy Cellar expanded to the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas. You can see the performances of both new and old comedians. You never know what to expect when you visit the Comedy Cellar.

Comedy Cellar Seating Chart

Comedy Cellar Seating Chart

The Comedy Cellar Las Vegas seating chart shows three main categories for the seats at the Comedy Cellar: General Admission, Preferred, and VIP. There is a total seat capacity of 300 seats in the club. People describe the Comedy Club as a personal and intimate club on the Las Vegas Strip because of its low seat capacity. That means you might have a better chance of having a personalized interaction with a comedian on stage.

There are multiple seat numbers and sections in the categories. For example, seat #1 of a particular section would be close to the highest seat number of the preceding section. This seating system is different than what you would find in a traditional theater because the lowest seat numbers are not necessarily near the center stage. Therefore, each section has low seat numbers.

The lowest prices for seats on the Comedy Cellar Rio seating chart are around $25 and up. The $25 price will earn you general admittance into the Comedy Cellar, but you’ll end up sitting in the sections way in the back of the club. If you want to sit closer to the stage, you can pay about $36 for Preferred seating in the middle of the club or $44 for VIP seating closer to the stage.

What are The Best Seats for The Comedy Cellar?

The best seats on the Comedy Cellar Las Vegas seating chart are the VIP seats. The VIP category offers the closest seats to the center stage, where the live comedians perform for the audience. If you want to have a possible interaction with a comedian and be the subject of a few of their jokes, then you should purchase VIP tickets.

But if you’d rather enjoy the show without any possible interactions with the comedians, then look for seats in the Preferred category. These seats will put you in the middle of the club, where you can see the entire stage clearly.

How Many Seats are In The Comedy Cellar Theater?

The Comedy Cellar has 300 seats in the Comedy Cellar of the Rio Hotel.