David Blaine

The Extreme Stunt Performer and Magician Delivers High-End Magic at Resorts World

David Blaine Show

The David Blaine Las Vegas show is brought to you by the most famous street magician in the world, David Blaine. Over the last few decades, Blaine has made a name for himself as an extreme stunt performer and magician. National audiences got introduced to Blaine for the first time in his 1997 television special “David Blaine: Street Magic.” The famous magic duo Penn & Teller even commented on the production by saying it broke new ground in the industry.

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David Blaine Review

People love to watch the David Blaine show because he performs dangerous magic stunts. For instance, if you were around in 1999, then you probably remember when Blaine put himself in a large plastic box and buried himself alive underneath a large, three-ton water tank. He stayed buried for one week before he was dug up and found alive. So when you hear about his “extreme” stunts, you know why they are called that.

David Blaine is undoubtedly an original magician. Can you think of any other shows in Vegas where magicians perform extreme stunts? Blaine is one of the few magicians brave enough to put his life on the line to showcase his magic skills to the world. Aside from burying himself alive, Blaine also submerged himself underwater for a week. He even stayed suspended inside a large plexiglass box for over six weeks without food. And let’s not forget how he encased himself inside a large ice block for more than 63 hours. The list of his fantastic magic accomplishments can go on forever.

The average David Blaine Las Vegas review acknowledges David Blaine’s rare gift for magic and illusions. He has perfected the art of illusions and pushing yourself to the limit to perform a stunt no one has ever seen done successfully. Now, more than 25 years after his first television space, Blaine is a household name in the magic community. You can witness his brilliance up close at the Resorts World Theatre of Resorts World in Las Vegas.

Your David Blaine review will probably be very similar after you see his 75-minute show at the Resorts World Theatre. Children of all ages are welcome to attend the David Blaine show because it doesn’t contain anything offensive or adult-oriented. Vegas magic shows without age restrictions are the best because you can take a family with small children to see them. It is convenient for any family traveling to Vegas together and wanting to find a good time together.

FAQs About David Blaine Las Vegas Show

How long is the David Blaine show in Las Vegas?

The David Blaine show is approximately 75 minutes long. The current showtime is 9:00 PM on select dates at the Resorts World Theatre of the Resorts World Hotel in Las Vegas. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show starts because it will give you more time to find your seat and settle. Then you can be completely relaxed for the main event when David Blaine comes out to perform his death-defying magic stunts.

Is David Blaine family friendly?

The David Blaine Las Vegas show is family friendly because his magic acts are not obscene or adult-oriented. Instead, David Blane performs impressive illusions and stunts suitable for adults and children of all ages to witness. That is why there is no minimum age requirement to attend the show.

Where does David Blaine perform in Las Vegas?

The David Blaine show performs at the Resorts World Theatre of the Resorts World Hotel in Las Vegas. It is the same hotel where many other fabulous Resorts World Las Vegas shows perform. They include the standup comedy of Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, and Travis Scott. However, none of them compare to the rare and unique talent of David Blaine. You won’t see another magician like him anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Is there a dress code for David Blaine show?

There is no formal David Blaine dress code to worry about at the Resorts World Theatre. You can feel free to wear whatever casual attire makes you the most comfortable, such as jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, etc. The important thing is to dress comfortably before your arrival because there is no intermission throughout the 75-minute show.

What are the best seats for David Blaine show?

The David Blaine seating chart indicates three seating categories: Front Orchestra, Rear Orchestra, and Mezzanine. The best seats for the David Blaine show are in the Front Orchestra because it is the closest category to the center stage. Of course, if you can find an available seat in Row AA, it would be better because it is the closest row to the center stage. Row AA would give you a clear view of David Blaine and his magic tricks without obstructions blocking your view.

How much are David Blaine tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of the David Blaine Las Vegas tickets is $98. The cheap $98 tickets will put you in the Mezzanine category, which is in the far rear of the Resorts World Theatre. But if you purchase a VIP ticket to sit in the Front Orchestra category, you’ll have to pay between $216 and $285 to reserve your premium seat. Even though it is more expensive, it is worth the price if you wish to see David Blaine up close. It all depends on your budget and seating preferences.