Donny Osmond Dress Code

No Formal Dress Code to See The Legendary Donny Osmond at The Harrah’s

Donny Osmond Las Vegas Dress Code

Donny Osmond is a legendary singer who became famous in the 1970s as a child singer with his family. However, over the last ten years, he has entertained audiences with his solo show at the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas. There is no Donny Osmond dress code in the showroom.

Donny had previously done an award-winning duo show with his sister, Marie, at the Flamingo Hotel. Now you can see him as you’ve never seen him before at the Donny Osmond Las Vegas show. The Donny Osmond Las Vegas dress code is casual, formal, and any other comfortable clothing not too revealing or obscene.

There is no age restriction to see Donny Osmond’s show at the Harrah’s Hotel. Since children of any age may attend the show, you don’t need to worry about a strict dress code for Donny Osmond because there is none.