Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s

A Sensational Evening of High-Octane Adult Entertainment

Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s

Like many people, you might find the concept of attending a drag event to be absolutely hilarious. Such shows are typically full of the kind of mirth and positive energy that can cheer up even the foulest of moods. As part of the most beloved afternoon shows in Las Vegas, the Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s makes for an especially memorable afternoons entertainment.

Come along and book in for a show that is backed by a world class buffet and drinks menu. Enjoy some food, take in a hilarious afternoon show, and leave Treasure Island knowing you have just witnessed something extremely liberating. Such shows are littered with hilarity as the legendary performers on stage give it their all, creating the kind of endearing, happy-go-lucky atmosphere that is so easy to enjoy.

The scene for drag in Vegas is massive, and this Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s shows you exactly why. This is the kind of uplifting entertainment that should leave you wondering why you never attended before now!

Sensational Hilarity Brought to Life in The Most Uplifting Way

The best shows in Vegas know how to get the crowd engaged and involved, and this is no different at all. You’ll get to enjoy a series of experts from the likes of RuPaul’s rag Race, Shannel, and Yara Sofia up on stage. Watch as they lip sync their way through their favorite tracks and watch as they take things the next stage further with every moment of the show. They react to a happy crowd, too, so make sure you give them the backing they deserve on-stage!

Grab a seat and you can enjoy one of the most satisfying drag shows in Las Vegas. The show is littered with hilarious moments but be warned: if you want to get involved, you need to be good – otherwise, the queens on-stage will use you as one of the many comedy props that make their shows so special.

Take your afternoon entertainment to a new level with a hilarious drag event that is sure to leave you wanting more, more, more. Book up today with Vegas Lens, and make sure you get the best value possible on your afternoon satisfaction.

Hilarious Comedy Brought to Life by The Legends of Drag

Drag can be an amazing experience to be involved with, or simply to see unfold in front of you on the stage. So, get involved, take part, and have some fun as you see some of the most endearing drag acts in the industry bring their swag on-stage.

Want to enjoy an afternoon in Vegas doing something a little more daring and different? Then this makes the perfect place to start. Book up today and see for yourself why Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s has become the best place to enjoy an afternoon of drag hilarity along with some drinks and food!