Gordie Brown

A Celebrity Impersonator, Comedian, and Musician All-in-One

Gordie Brown

Gordie Brown is a man of many talents. He is a brilliant celebrity impersonator who is also a musician and comedian. Some of his best celebrity impersonations include Jack Nicholson, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Robert De Niro, and Michael Jackson. When you come to see the Gordie Brown Show in Las Vegas, he’ll give you an original performance that is different each night.

About Gordie Brown

Gordie Brown performs one of the best impersonators shows in Vegas. Audiences who love actor impersonations will love his Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro impersonations. You may even hear the De Niro classic quote “you talkin’ to me” from the famous 1976 film “Taxi Driver.” But his impersonation skills don’t stop with just movie quotes. He can also sing like many famous singers, both living and deceased.

How would you like to see Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson perform live? Even though they’re not alive anymore, Gordie does a beautiful job of bringing their spirit back to life through his flawless impersonations of them. Not only does he sound like these legendary singers, but he sings like them too. His musical talents merged with his impersonation skills make him a top impersonator in Vegas.

Gordie Brown doesn’t perform an entirely scripted show that is the same every night. Instead, he provides a different performance each night because he takes audience requests for which celebrities he will impersonate. Gordie will call out to the crowd and ask them to shout the names of celebrities that they would like him to impersonate. There is no limit to which actors he might quote or singers he might imitate.

Gordie has been a renowned name in Las Vegas for more than 15 years. He has performed in many different venues, some of them on the Las Vegas Strip and others off the Strip. However, Gordie has performed at the Golden Nugget in its famous showroom downtown for the last decade. And within that time, his magic skills have only gotten better.

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