House of Magic

A Rotating Cast of Brilliant and Hilarious Comedy Magicians with a Variety of Acts

House of Magic

The House of Magic Las Vegas is full of hilarious and entertaining surprises. It features a rotating cast of funny, talented, and highly skilled comedy magicians who know how to make you laugh while leaving you mesmerized. Comedy magicians are brilliant at combining comedy and magic in their acts. It adds a modern twist to traditional magic show formats to increase the audience’s laughter and excitement. 

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House of Magic Las Vegas Review

The Magic Castle in Hollywood was the primary inspiration for the House of Magic. If you are unfamiliar with the Magic Castle, it is a legendary clubhouse explicitly designed for magicians and all those interested in magic. The Magic Castle is deemed the most unusual private club anywhere in the world because of the magic and mystery that goes on behind its walls and doors.

The House of Magic Las Vegas show tries to live up to the Magic Castle magic shows. For example, the House of Magic’s shows in Las Vegas features a rotating cast of funny magicians who are both famous and unknown. Its magic shows take place in the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel, which is a well-known hotel in the city. Each House of Magic show is approximately 75 minutes long.

Guests have different experiences whenever they attend a House of Magic show because of the rotating cast of magicians who perform in it. Some guests see different magicians at the House of Magic on various nights of every week, creating a unique experience each night. That is why every House of Magic review tends to be different. Either way, you’re bound to have a positive experience no matter which magicians or illusionists you see on the night of your attendance.

The House of Magic’s comedy magicians have made guest appearances on Comedy Central, The Magic Castle, Netflix, The Tonight Show, HBO, and many other shows and television networks. The three current comedy magicians who perform a House of Magic show regularly are Chad Chesmark, Michael Deschalt, and Justin Riveria. Each comedy magician has something unique to offer audiences in Las Vegas.

Chesmark demonstrated his dry comedy and fantastic magic tricks on cruise ships and comedy clubs for many years. Deschalt is known as the magician who misbehaves because he does some wacky and hilarious magic acts, including one involving a straitjacket. Riveria is a comedy magician you may have seen on “America’s Got Talent” and several other television shows. He is a master at sleight-of-hand card tricks.

Are you looking to see a famous magician in Vegas? The House of Magic is the place to see famous magicians, but you won’t always know when they’ll come out. The rotating cast will keep you guessing whether a famous magician will come out to surprise you. But even if you don’t see a famous magician or comedian, you may still get surprised by the brilliance of the new and upcoming comedy magicians at the House of Magic.

FAQs About House of Magic Review

How Long is the House of Magic Show in Las Vegas?

The House of Magic Las Vegas show is approximately 75 minutes long. You should arrive within 30 to 60 minutes before the listed showtime at the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel. Then you will have plenty of time to find your seat and relax while waiting for the performers to come out on stage.

Is House of Magic Family Friendly?

The House of Magic show has no minimum age requirement to attend because its content is suitable for audience members of all ages. Therefore, House of Magic is a family-friendly show for adults and children of all ages. However, children must be accompanied by an adult who can supervise them throughout the show.  

Where Can I Watch House of Magic in Vegas?

The House of Magic Las Vegas is performed at the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The currently listed showtime of the show is 6:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These showtimes are subject to change like with other Downtown Grand Las Vegas shows.

Is There a Dress Code for House of Magic?

There is no formal House of Magic dress code you need to worry about at the Downtown Grand Hotel. You can wear any casual clothing which makes you comfortable, such as jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc. The only requirement is that you don’t wear scantily clad attire that reveals nudity.

How Much are House of Magic Tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for House of Magic Las Vegas tickets is $28 and up. The $28 tickets will get you seating in the General Admission section in the rear of the Las Vegas Room. But if you want to sit in the VIP Front Row next to the center stage, you can pay around $72 per ticket.

What are the Best Seats for House of Magic?

The House of Magic seating chart indicates three main sections: General Admission, VIP Tables, and VIP Front Row. The best seats are in the VIP Front Row section because it is the row directly in front of the center stage. But if you want to save about $40 on your tickets, you could sit in the VIP Tables section in the middle of the Las Vegas Room.