Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

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Jabbawockeez is a dance crew known for its white masks and well-choreographed dance moves. They were also the first dance to crew on the Las Vegas Strip to headline for a hotel. You can see Jabbawockeez at the Jabbawockeez Theater of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

Jabbawockeez Seating Chart

The Jabbawockeez Theater seating chart is designed in an unusual but good way. All the seats in the theater are good seats that provide clear views of the stage. There are four sections in the theater with a total capacity of 356 seats. So, there are much fewer seats in the Jabbawockeez Theater compared to other theaters in Las Vegas.

Some websites refer to the sections of the Jabbawockeez seating chart as categories. They are divided into four-lettered categories: A, B, C, and D. Category A refers to the first two rows of seats directly in front of the stage. There are only a limited number of seats in these two rows, so you can expect to pay more money for them.

Category B is the section in the middle of the theater. It has several more rows that stretch farther to the left, right, and all the way to the back. Category C represents the seats on the far left of the theater, while Category D represents the seats on the far right of the theater. These side seats still offer amazing views of the stage.

The seats on the MGM Grand Jabbawockeez seating chart are $81 and up. Most of the $81 seats are in the rows of Category B, so they will put you in a central position to see the stage. But if you don’t mind paying about $25 more, you can sit in the first two rows of Category A for around $105.

You may find cheaper seats in Category C and Category D because they are away from the middle on the left and right sides of the theater. But these seats typically sell out quickly, so try to order well in advance if you want these cheap seats.

What are The Best Seats for Jabbawockeez?

The best seats for Jabbawockeez Las Vegas are in Category A because they are the closest seats to the action on the stage. You’ll be sitting within the first two rows in the center of the Jabbawockeez Theater seating chart. But if you choose a seat in Category B, you’ll be sitting behind the first two rows in the center of the theater. They are still great seats, but you’ll be a little farther away from the stage.

How Many Seats are In The Jabbawockeez Theater?

The Jabbawockeez show has approximately 356 seats in the Jabbawockeez Theater of the MGM Grand Hotel.