Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?

Come see Jeff and his compadres at a spine tingling comedy act

Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?

Comedy for kids is sometimes a little difficult to find in Las Vegas, but it does not always have to be the case. For anyone aged 6 and above, a trip to see Jeff Dunham: Seriously!? is almost certain to be a winner for the kids. Across a 90-minute session at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, you get to enjoy a wonderful comedy act that brings Jeff and his dynamite ideas to life in the most satisfying way possible.

Comedy Told with an Intriguing, Kid-Friendly Twist

If you love puppet-based comedy, then you are almost certain to find a friend waiting for you at this show. Jeff Dunham has become a comic genius who is built around ensuring that there is plenty of fun to be had for all in the show. The shows are engaging, exciting, full of energy, and tend to be full of hilarious comic moments. Watch as Jeff and the puppets work their way through all manner of comical jokes, skits, and bits that are sure to leave you with more than a few quotes to throw around for the future.

Jeff has been a comic genius since he started out at the young age of 8, when he let his mind wander into topics that most kids wouldn’t even begin to understand. His puppets provide the audience with a hilarious way to spend a day in Vegas, listening to one of the most comical stand-up comics in the country. He’s also become a regular award winner, with awards such as the Comedian of the Year in 2008 proving that Dunham is a guy who has kept his comedy pretty much timeless.

If you want to enjoy a puppet show that brings to life inventive ideas and whimsical comedy, then you should definitely make the time to come down and see what Jeff and co. have in store for you. Come here, and spend an evening at one of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas.

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Puppet Comedy Has Never Felt So Fresh

While you might worry that a show involving puppets might be low on fresh ideas, Jeff will soon convince you otherwise. As soon as you get to the show, you’ll see a master at work. His ventriloquism is incredible, and you can enjoy a really satisfying experience that really is as fun as it should be. The best Las Vegas shows can be hard to find, but this one really is ideal for all the family!

For a puppet show that is likely to stick in the memory for a long time to come, you should come along see what Jeff Dunham and co. have to show you. These puppets have opinions, and we’re sure you will be pretty shocked by their output – so come along and see what they, and Jeff, have to say!