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Jeff Dunham Tickets For Seats at Planet Hollywood Resort

Jeff Dunham: Seriously!?

Jeff Dunham Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. Jeff Dunham is a combination of a stand-up comedian and ventriloquist who uses his dummies to deliver a hilarious 90-minute show filled with jokes and creativity. You’ll actually see Dunham have funny conversations with his dummies, which are diverse in their design and humor. Guests must be at least six years or older to attend the Jeff Dunham: Seriously?! Show at the Zappos Theater.

Jeff Dunham Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice
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The current showtime for Jeff Dunham Vegas tickets is 8:00 PM on Fridays. No other performances are scheduled on Saturdays through Thursdays. As you can imagine, all the demand for Jeff Dunham tickets falls on Fridays at 8:00 PM.

So you must try and arrange your travel schedule to accommodate this showtime and date. You may have trouble finding an available ticket unless you reserve your seat a month or two in advance. Then you can have a better chance of getting a good seat on a Friday evening when you’ll be in Las Vegas.

Jeff Dunham Ticket Prices

The Jeff Dunham show in Las Vegas has four primary seating categories in the Zappos Theater: Reserved 1, Reserved 2, VIP Reserved, and Gold Circle. The categories are broken down into over 30 seating sections due to the large size of the theater.

The Zappos Theater was previously called the Aladdin Theatre and is conveniently located at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip. The total capacity is 7,000 seats, making it a mid-sized auditorium capable of fitting many people per show. However, despite the high seat capacity, the Jeff Dunham show tickets still sell out quickly. That is why you should not procrastinate in purchasing tickets to secure your ideal seating in the theater.

Let’s explore the four primary seating categories in more detail below:

Reserved 2

Reserved 2 contains nine seating sections in the rear of the Zappos Theater. These are Sections 201 through 209, stretching from the left to the right sides of the theater. You’ll find numerous rows of seats in the Reserved 2 categories, as well as the lowest prices for tickets. The price range for Jeff Dunham Vegas show tickets in the Reserved 2 category is between $41 and $56. The cheaper tickets in this category are for seats near the rear of the sections, while the more expensive tickets are in the front rows of the sections.

Reserved 1

Reserved 1 contains five seating sections in the middle of the theater. These are Sections 101 through 105, stretching from the left to the right sides of the theater. They are much closer sections to the center stage than the previous sections mentioned for the Reserved 2 category. The price range for Jeff Dunham tickets in the Reserved 1 category is between $56 and $72. It is not a significant price difference compared to the Reserved 2 tickets, so you should reserve tickets in Reserved 1 if any seats are still available. 

VIP Reserved

VIP Reserved contains 14 smaller seating sections behind the Gold Circle category. They are closer to the center stage than any other categories and sections mentioned above. The minimum price for Jeff Dunham Las Vegas show tickets in the VIP Reserved category is $87. It is a fair price for seating close to the center stage and offers a healthy seat quality and affordability balance. Most people will choose the VIP Reserved for these reasons.

Gold Circle

The Gold Circle offers the best seating choices in the entire theater because it is the closest category to the center stage. There are only three sections in the Gold Circle, which are the Gold Circle Left, Gold Circle Center, and Gold Circle Right.

The ideal seating choice would be in the Gold Circle Center because that would align you perfectly with the middle of the stage. It offers the best views of Jeff Dunham and his incredible-looking dummies. The price range for Jeff Dunham VIP tickets in the Gold Circle section is between $122 and $189.

Jeff Dunham: Seriously?! is a show that continues to be in high demand amongst Las Vegas travelers and tourists. Tickets for Vegas shows like Jeff Dunham: Seriously?! sell quickly because the host is talented and has name recognition. Therefore, you need to reserve your tickets a couple of months in advance to ensure you get the seating you want on the theater.

Even though it has a 7000-seat capacity, the limited showtime and performance dates create a much higher demand for tickets to see the show. That is why you need to book your tickets early to secure the time and date you prefer to attend.


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