Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

When you want to go to a comedy night, the expectation is that you can have a lot of fun and a good time. You can ease the pressure, enjoy a satisfying experience, and just let loose for an evening. Well, few venues within the city make this quite as easy as Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club. Head on down to The LINQ Promenade, and you can enjoy a wholesome and satisfying experience like never before. The comedy here is aimed at an audience of 18+ but there’ll be plenty of high-standard comedy to suit any kind of sense of humor.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club Review

Got your eye on hearing from particular Vegas comedians? Then there is a good chance they’ll have a skit at Jimmy Kimmel’s. The comedy club provides you with a series of regulars and household names within US and global comedy. You’ll also get to spot a few rising stars who, when they make it big, you can tell your friends that you seen their material before it became mainstream!

While Kimmel himself isn’t here on a regular basis, you can definitely enjoy some amazing comedy put on by a master of the showbiz industry. A quick jaunt through this comedy clubs listing will show you names that you have never heard of, but soon will see everywhere. You might also find yourself dealing with a few engaging and interesting personalities who have been around the scene for years.

Either way, whether you are here to discover fresh talent or see a favorite comic of yours, you will find that Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club makes having a satisfying, engaging experience so much easier than ever before.

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Really, the enjoyment that you can get from an experience like this is hard to forget. It allows for a gratifying experience that means you can soon grow to appreciate the charms of Las Vegas comedy as it should be told. This really is one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas.

When you visit a venue with some 8,000 square feet of potential laughter, too, you should have no problem in finding someone who you find truly fascinating to sit and listen to. The real satisfaction, of course, stems from taking part in a range of comedy adventures which are all about satisfying your curiosity.

So, if you want to make sure you can find someone new or simply hear some of the most popular names from across US comedy and beyond, book in for one of the many shows held at Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club!

FAQs About Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

Is Jimmy Kimmel from Las Vegas?

Jimmy Kimmel was born in Brooklyn, New York. However, his family moved to Las Vegas in the late 1970s when Kimmel was nine years old. So he spent his teenage years and early adulthood in Las Vegas, which helped him develop his entertainment career.

When is Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club open?

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club is open on Thursday and Sunday from 4 PM to 12 AM and Friday and Saturday from 4 PM to 2 AM.

Where does Jimmy Kimmel perform in Las Vegas?

Jimmy Kimmel performs his stand-up comedy shows at The Linq Las Vegas Hotel.

Is Jimmy Kimmel comedy club still performing in Vegas?

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club is temporarily closed for the time being.