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John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy Show

When you want to enjoy an evening with a comedy event in front of you, the atmosphere really matters. When you choose to come along to an event like John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy, you are coming along to what feels like the funniest work colleague you’ve never had. John might look like he’s sauntered onto the stage by accident, but his acerbic wit and outstanding grasp of language soon shows a different edge to the man.

John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy Review

John Caprulo is the kind of guy who knows how to make a joke land that other comedians might be too uncomfortable to try out. He has very limits in where he will go and tends to go as far as he can to make what might seem an otherwise meandering ‘bit’ come to life. Few comedians can take a basic observation and turn it into a hilarious piece of comedy quite like Mr. Caparulo. For a Vegas comedy show that lives up to lofty expectations, head on to these comedy evenings.

For a fun evening out where you get to see a comedian who is in his element, come along to a John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy evening. You’ll get to see why so many experts view the news that Caparulo has Vegas residency as one of the best decisions made by the city in a long time.

Whether you know him from his time on shows like Unsportsmanlike Comedy or you simply have heard him online, most US comedy lovers will have heard of Caparulo. If you have never seen him for yourself in person, though, you should change that ASAP. His shows are packed with energy, across a 75-minute session where Caparulo leaves you wondering just how much more laughter you can feasibly manage.

Change things up, then, and come see the John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy. Book through Vegas Lens, and make sure that you get the best offers and deals so that you know your trip to the House of Tape is as high-value as is possible.

From the first five minutes of the act, you are about to go and watch, you’ll soon realize why so many put John Caparulo on the widest of pedestals. He’s a man with an insight and can take everything from parenthood to life in Vegas and turn it into a hilarious story. This is a man who knows he is comfortable in his own skin, and thus his own comedy.

For someone who has a bit of a wild imagination and a mouth that runs like a motor, you should find John Caparulo to be among the most charming comics on the circuit today.

Guys like this are very rare, so come along and try it out for yourself – you might just find that the John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy is the exact evening you need to make your Vegas experience feel complete.

FAQs About John Caparulo MADCAP Comedy Show

Where does John Caparulo perform in Las Vegas?

John Caparulo performs his “MADCAP Comedy” show in the House of Tape at the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas. His Harrah’s Las Vegas shows are 75 minutes long and open to guests 14 years of age or older.

Does John Caparulo still do stand up?

Yes, John Caparulo still does stand-up comedy throughout the United States. However, his “MADCAP Comedy” show in Las Vegas is temporarily closed.