Jokester Comedy Club

The Jokester Comedy Club Features a Hilarious Cast of Jokesters at The Alexis Park Resort

Jokesters Comedy Club

The Jokester Comedy Club Las Vegas show is a unique and hilarious comedy club at the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. The fantastic thing about this comedy club is that it makes you feel like royalty. The Jokester Comedy Club offers a personal court jester to every guest. Jester is a medieval word referring to a professional joker wearing a cap with tiny bells. However, the modern jesters at the comedy club use jokes, punchlines, funny stories, and hypnosis to make people laugh.

Jokester Comedy Club Show Times & Dates

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Jokester Comedy Club Review

Think of the Jokester Comedy Club performances as a combination of Comedy Central Presents and Last Comic Standing. You will understand this reference if you are familiar with both television programs. The comedy club features a rotating cast of comedians (jesters) who perform on different weeknights at 8:00 PM. Each show is unique and different because you’ll likely get the chance to see a new comedian you didn’t see on the previous night. No matter who you see perform, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing throughout the full 75-minute performance.  

So who are the jokesters, jesters, and comedians at the Jokester Comedy Club in Las Vegas? Well, you might see Vegas shows at the club from hilarious jokesters like Derek Richards, Don Barnhart, Chas Elstner, Jay Reid, Bob Kubota, and Kathleen Dunbar. These names might be familiar to some audience members who have seen their performances on Comedy Central, XM/Sirius, The Late Late Show, Showtime, The Tonight Show, and Def Comedy Jam.

When you look at the average Jokester Comedy Club Las Vegas review, they all say the same thing. They say the comedians have an incredible stage presence in the small, intimate Pegasus Showroom. If you have never been to the Pegasus Showroom to see a different show, it is an extremely small showroom with a 150-seat capacity. So you could sit in any showroom seat and feel close to the comedian on stage. That takes some pressure away from finding a seat in a particular section because you can still enjoy yourself regardless of the reserved seat. 

Of course, every Jokester Comedy Club review will have some differences. It all depends on each person’s experience and how well they enjoyed the jokes they heard from the comedians on stage. Comedy clubs in Las Vegas are all original with their brand of comedy and the types of standup comedians who perform in them. The Jokester Comedy Club keeps it medieval and modern without losing its humor. You will surely love the variety of comedians at the club and the wide range of topics they discuss. 

FAQs About Jokester Comedy Club

How long are the Jokester Comedy Club shows?

The Jokester Comedy Club Las Vegas show is approximately 75 minutes long. The current showtime is 8:00 PM on select dates. It will help if you arrive 30 minutes early to find your seating and settle before the show starts. Then you don’t have to rush to find your seat and miss the quality entertainment from the performers on stage.

Is Jokester Comedy Club family friendly?

The Jokester Comedy Club is not considered a family-friendly show because the minimum age requirement for admittance is 18 years or older. Due to the adult language and topics discussed at the Jokester Comedy Club, children are not allowed to attend. So if you’re planning a family vacation in Las Vegas, you should choose another show or take your partner or spouse to the Jokester Comedy Club without the kids.

Where does Jokester Comedy Club play in Las Vegas?

The Jokester Comedy Club is at the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Some other notable Alexis Park Las Vegas shows include All Shook Up, All Motown, BurlesQ, the Big Little Variety Show, and Late Night Magic. There is so much entertainment variety to see at the Alexis Resort Hotel. But if you prefer the comedy club because you love to laugh, the comedy shows are available in the Pegasus Showroom on select dates.

Is there a dress code for Jokester Comedy Club?

There is no formal Jokester Comedy Club dress code to attend the club at the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel. Therefore, you can wear pretty much any casual attire that makes you comfortable, as long as you cover enough skin to avoid being scantily clad. The environment is filled with jokesters wearing unique outfits and costumes, so they certainly aren’t going to judge you too harshly for your casual attire.

What are the best seats for Jokester Comedy Club?

The Jokester Comedy Club seating chart shows two General Admission sections and three VIP sections. If you want the best seats for the Jokester Comedy Club, you’ll want to purchase tickets for seats in the VIP Front Row Center section.

The section is positioned in front of the stage and perfectly aligned for the closest and best views possible. Of course, if you cannot find available seating in this section, you should try the VIP Center or VIP Side sections instead. These VIP sections are still close to the stage and offer fantastic views as well.

How much are Jokester Comedy Club tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Jokester Comedy Club Las Vegas tickets is $94. The cheap $94 ticket price will get you a seat in the General Admission sections of the Pegasus Showroom. But if you prefer to sit closer to the center stage, you’ll have to spend around $209 for seating in the VIP Front Row section.