Jokesters Comedy Club Tickets

Jokesters Comedy Club Tickets For Seats In The Pegasus Showroom

Jokester Comedy Club

Jokesters Comedy Club Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Pegasus Showroom of the Alexis Park All Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. If you love to laugh and want to feel like royalty, you’ll have a wonderful time at the Jokesters Comedy Club because every guest gets a personal court jester.

In fact, random comedians act like jesters on different nights of the show. You never know which jokesters will come out and make you laugh. The entertainment is like a combination of Comedy Central Presents and Last Comic Standing.

Jokesters Comedy Club Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Jokesters Comedy Club Vegas tickets is 7:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. No performances are currently scheduled for Sundays through Thursdays, but that is subject to change at any time. But you have to hurry because the limited available dates have significantly increased the demand for tickets to see the Jokesters Comedy Club Show. Try ordering your tickets a few months in advance to ensure you get the seating you want on the date and time you plan on being in Las Vegas.

Jokesters Comedy Club Ticket Prices

Jokesters Comedy Club in Las Vegas has three primary seating sections in the Pegasus Showroom: General Admission, Preferred Table, and VIP. The low 150-seat capacity creates an intimate entertainment environment where everyone gets a great seat to the show. Of course, some seats are better than others, and you can reserve the best seats for less than $10 more than the minimum ticket price of $20.

The ticket price range for seats to the Jokesters Comedy Club show is between $20 and $29. That means you could sit anywhere in the Pegasus Showroom for under $30, including the ideal VIP seats next to the center stage.

But you can expect these tickets to be the most difficult to obtain because they are the tickets everybody wants to reserve. But even if you can only find General Admission seat tickets, you’ll still have an incredible time laughing and smiling at the jokesters and their brand of entertainment.

Let’s explore the three primary seating sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission section includes seats on the left and right sides of the Pegasus Showroom. They will give you a side-angle view of the center stage and the jokesters performing their comedy on them. But the upside is that you will still be close to the center stage because of the intimate size of the Pegasus Showroom.

For this reason, many guests still have a good time watching the Jokesters Comedy Club show from the General Admission seating section. The minimum price for Jokesters Comedy Club tickets in the General Admission section is $20.

Preferred Table

The Preferred Table section contains seats with tables near the middle of the showroom. It is not directly in front of the stage, but it is to the left and right sides of the front row of tables. The section also contains seats with tables directly behind the front row, providing an aligned view of the center stage.

These may not be the best seats because the front-row seating is closer to the center stage, but they are still an excellent alternative to VIP seating. The minimum price for Jokesters Comedy Club Vegas tickets in the Preferred Table section is $24.


The VIP section contains seats in the front row directly facing the center stage. It is the most desirable section in the entire theater because it is right next to the stage and the jokesters on it. You don’t even need to pay a lot of money to enjoy VIP seating because the minimum price for Jokesters Comedy Club VIP tickets in the VIP section is $29.

That is only $5 more than Preferred Table seating and $9 more than General Admission seating. Most people can afford to pay a little extra for the best seating in the showroom. So if you can too, you should look for VIP seating when you purchase your tickets to the show.

You’ll find the Jokesters Comedy Club has some of the lowest prices compared to most other tickets for shows in Vegas. Between the low-ticket prices and the limited showtimes and performance dates, you’ll need to move fast to secure the seating you want on your preferred date and time. The good news is that affordability shouldn’t be a problem because even the VIP tickets are priced under $30. That should accommodate the budgets of most tourists who come to Las Vegas.


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