Kà by Cirque du Soleil

A Cinematic Dance Event that Brings the Whole Venue to Life

Kà by Cirque du Soleil

Looking for the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas? Then you should definitely look to book up and see KÀ by Cirque du Soleil. This incredibly story-based show is the first cinematic storyline held by the group at the MGM Grand. It is loaded with stunning imagery, mesmeric music, and outstanding acrobatic feats that will leave you wide-mouthed at the incredible feats being utilized on the stage by the experts who take part.

This is easily one of the most rewarding shows at the KA Theatre, held at the MGM Grand. The show, 90 minutes in length, is suitable for anyone, making it among the best Las Vegas shows for kids. So, why not try it out for yourself today and see what KÀ by Cirque du Soleil can offer you?

KA Cirque du Soleil Review

As you watch the experts on-stage work together in perfect harmony, you’ll soon realize why KÀ by Cirque du Soleil is rated as one of the best shows in Vegas. The incredible energy in each performance is easy to love, as is the general style and theme. This is a show that will leave you with a new appreciation for everything from martial arts to acrobatics to music – it really is a varied show that brings many intriguing aspects of the show to life.

As one of the best shows in Vegas for those who love adventure, KÀ by Cirque du Soleil makes a perfect evening’s enjoyment. This kind of show leaves little to the imagination, with everything that you see on-stage managed by experts in choreography and artistry. This is an evening that is sure to leave you with a much wider appreciation in general of the artwork, the commitment, and the challenge involved in troupe works.

Book up today and see why KÀ by Cirque du Soleil has become a key event for any family who wants to enjoy truly mesmeric artists on-stage at their finest. It’s a story of good versus evil, and the show is filled with bombastic energy and high-octane choreography to create something that is very easy to love.

FAQs About KA Show at MGM Grand Las Vegas

How Long Is KA Cirque du Soleil?

KA has a runtime of about 90 minutes without an intermission.

How old do you have to be to watch KÀ?

The minimum age requirement to watch KA by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel is five years and older.

Is KA by Cirque du Soleil Family-Friendly?

KA is a great show for kids and actually made it on Ticketmaster’s top ten family-friendly Cirque Du Soleil shows. Although kids under the age of five are not permitted to the show, those five and older will enjoy the visuals and captivating story of KA.

What does KÀ mean in Cirque du Soleil?

KA is a compelling story about imperial twins that got separated when they were kids and must go on a journey of self-discovery to find each other. The word “KA” refers to a particular fire with the power to illuminate or destroy. 

How long has KÀ been in Vegas?

KA had its Vegas premiere at the MGM Grand Hotel on November 12th, 2004. It has been a resident show at the hotel for nearly 20 years now.

Is KÀ still running?

Yes, Cirque du Soleil brought “KA” back to the KA Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel on November 24th, 2021. Its current showtimes are 7 PM and 9:30 PM on Saturday through Wednesday.

Where Is The KA Show in Las Vegas?

The KA theater and the KA box office are both located at the MGM Grand. Those interested can find this location on the casino floor near Wolfgang Puck and Joel Robuchon. be sure to check out more MGM Las Vegas shows.

Where Are The Best Seats For The KA Cirque du Soleil Show?

For those looking to enjoy the most immersive experience while viewing KA, the seats in section 102 often provide the best views. These seats are typically more expensive, but that is likely because they are close to the stage and centrally located. check out KA seating chart.

What language is spoken in KÀ Cirque du Soleil?

You may recognize four languages in the KA show: French, Italian, Spanish, and English. However, many of the song lyrics in KA are from a manufactured language called “Cirquish.” Audiences are not expected to understand the language’s meaning because the emotion and passion of the performers’ singing them are enough to touch people’s hearts.

Which is better Ka or Mystere?

Everyone will have their own opinion about whether Ka or Mystere is better. These Cirque du Soleil shows have a high production value and incredible entertainment variety. But if you have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show before, you should start with Mystere because it is a classic Cirque du Soleil production with cheaper seats.

Which show is better O or Ka?

Ka or O are both great Cirque du Soleil productions. They provide a variety of high-quality entertainment with acrobatics, stunning visual effects, music, and creative storytelling. However, Ka gives you the most variety because it contains a cinematic storyline with flawless imagery, acrobatics, music, and martial arts. O is more of a water show with a 1.5-million-gallon swimming pool and aquatic stage performances.

What is the story of Ka cirque du soleil?

The Ka story is about two imperial twins who get separated as small kids and have to find themselves on an adventurous journey involving the powerful fire, KA. It is a coming-of-age story that follows the young male and female twins on their journeys experiencing love and conflict.

Is there a dress code for KA show?

There is no formal Ka dress code for the show. Guests are encouraged to wear casual or comfortable attire, as long as it is not a swimsuit or some other type of revealing clothing.

How much are Kà by Cirque du Soleil tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Ka Las Vegas tickets is $73 for general seating. But if you want to sit closer to the front center of the stage, you can pay as much as $202 for a seat in the Golden Circle section.

How to Get Discount Tickets For KA show?

KA show tickets can range dramatically in price. For example, Vegas.com starts their tickets prices at just $73 while other outlets charge much more. Your best bet for finding tickets at the most competitive price is by check out our guide for KA discount ticket.