L.A. Comedy Club

A Plethora of Comedy Talent at the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel

L.A. Comedy Club

The L.A. Comedy Club is a tribute to the comedy clubs of Los Angeles, where many great comedians have been discovered. This Las Vegas-based comedy club features the trademarks of a traditional comedy club with its wooden stool and microphone set up on the center stage. Many great comedians headline here, including Felipe Esparza and Willie Ferrell.

About L.A. Comedy Club

The L.A. Comedy Club offers some of the best comedy shows in Vegas. When the L.A. Comedy Club came to Las Vegas, it quickly became a popular attraction at the Palace Station Hotel. It features a blend of local and national comedians with different levels of popularity. This gives audiences a chance to see various comedy styles and possibly discover some new talent in the process.

The comedy club grew to be one of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas amongst residents and tourists alike. It would go on to change venues numerous times over the years. Some of its previous venues include Trader Vic’s at the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel, Four Queens Hotel in downtown Vegas, and Bally’s Hotel.

Now you can attend the L.A. Comedy Club in the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel. When you step into the showroom, you’ll see the classic wooden stool and microphone on a pole in the center of the stage. Each comedian will come out one at a time and perform their comedy while sitting on the stool.

Two video screens surround the large center stage on each side. The screens display various clips of bloopers, jokes, and other surprises to entertain audiences before the headlining comedian steps out on stage. It is just one more way to sustain the entertainment value for audiences throughout the entire 60 to 75-minute show.

The L.A. Comedy Club in Las Vegas does not disappoint. Many people consider it to be the best show in Vegas because you never know what to expect from the comedians. They will make you laugh and sometimes even surprise you.

Make Your Reservations Today

Vegas Lens posts exclusive links to discounted ticket prices for gaining admittance to the L.A. Comedy Club. The ticket prices are updated frequently based on the supply and demand. Since the tickets sell quickly, you should consider purchasing your tickets sooner rather than later. That way, you’ll have a better chance of reserving a more desirable seat closer to the stage.

Please note that audience members must be at least 18 years of age or older to attend the L.A. Comedy Club. However, a minor who is 16 or 17 can attend the show if their legal guardian accompanies them. The reason is that some of the comedians will use foul language and adult humor to entertain audiences. So if you are planning a trip with younger children, you should take them to other shows. Perhaps you and your spouse or partner could plan a couple’s trip to attend this particular show in between.

Showtimes are available every day of the week.