L.A Comedy Club Seating Chart

Explore The L.A Comedy Club Seating Chart and Choose The Best Seats

LA Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club recreates the classic stand-up comedy club from Los Angeles that made numerous comedians famous. Now you can visit the LA Comedy Club at the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. The Dragon Room features a large center stage with a microphone and wooden stool for the comedians to perform.

It is essential to book your tickets to see specific performances because different comedians perform at the LA Comedy Club. The Redneck Comedy Show with James Michael is currently the most common show at the LA Comedy Club. However, other comedians also headline at the club, including Felipe Esparza, Tom Rhodes, Willie Ferrell, and Butch Bradley. Schedule your trip accordingly.

L.A Comedy Club Seating Chart

LA Comedy Club Seating Chart

The LA Comedy Club seating chart shows several seating choices, such as booths, tables, and chairs. The total capacity of the Dragon Room is only 160 seats, so you’ll need to book your tickets quickly before they’re all sold out.

The seating choices are divided into two primary sections: General Admission and VIP. Both sections provide decent views of the center stage because the Dragon Room is smaller than a typical theater or showroom. However, the VIP seats will put you slightly closer to the center stage than the General Admission section. You may even be fortunate enough to get a table or booth too. In addition, VIP guests get early access to the Dragon Room for preferred admission and seating.

The most affordable seats on the LA Comedy Club seating chart are $30 and up. The $30 seats are in the General Admission section, next to the VIP section. You won’t be in the front row seating, but you will still be able to see the stage well enough. But if you want to pay $10 more, you can get the closer VIP seating for $40 per seat.

What are The Best Seats for LA Comedy Club?

The best seats on the LA Comedy Club Las Vegas seating chart are in the VIP section. They put you close to the center stage to see the performers up close and personal. And who knows, maybe one of the comedians will call you out and make fun of you as part of their act. Otherwise, you could sit in the General Admission seating section to avoid being close to the comedians on stage.

How Many Seats are In The L.A Comedy Club Theater?

The LA Comedy Club has 160 seats in the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel.