Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

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Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

Got an evening planned in Las Vegas and want to make sure that it can be as fun as possible? Then you should make time to come along to the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. This is an elite comedy venue that is based on the Miracle Mike Shops at Planet Hollywood. For 75-minutes per evening, you get to enjoy a delectable range of comic geniuses. Just remember that this is a 16+ show!

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club Review

When it comes to finding the best comedy show in Vegas, comedy clubs like this make an almost obvious place to come and check out. All it takes is a quick look at the various comedians that they have on-show, and you can see for yourself why so many choose to come to these particular venues. With comics like headline act Edwin San Juan, you get to enjoy a hilarious night full of bamboozling commentary, hilarious insight into life in Vegas, and whimsical stories from the top comics in the city.

You’ll also get to hear from elite comedian who take in other parts of the country, including major comedy cities like Chicago and New York. As such, you’ll get to feast on an irrepressible range of comic geniuses who know just how to make you laugh. From the topics they tackle to the hilarious way they put across their thoughts; these are the kind of shows that leave you wondering why you never came here sooner.

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When you come along to a show like this, rest assured that you are going to be spending time around some of the sharpest minds in US comedy. The acts that you see here can be pretty hard to follow, though, so make sure you are ready for a comedy night that is going to leave you wanting even more from your future shows.

Without doubt, a trip to the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club provides you with access to one of the best las Vegas comedy clubs out there when it comes to wit and insight. You’ll get to enjoy an awesome evening surrounded by comedians who are comfortable in their own skin, who have jokes which roll off the tongue, and ensure you can have the most enjoyable evening possible for your dollars.

Book up today, then, and see for yourself why the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club is rated as one of the best places to visit in the entire city for a whimsical evening out.

FAQs About Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

How Long Is Las Vegas Live Comedy Club?

The Las Vegas Live Comedy Club show runs for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Where Is Las Vegas Live Comedy Club Playing?

You can catch the show at the V Theater at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. be sure to check out more Planet Hollywood Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For Las Vegas Live Comedy Club?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to determining the best seats in the theater to see the show. A quick look at the Live Comedy Club seating chart will show you that you can choose from floor seats, VIP seating, and general admission.

How much are Las Vegas Live Comedy Club tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Las Vegas Live Comedy Club tickets is $29.

How to Get Discount Tickets for Las Vegas Live Comedy Club?

Tickets to the show can vary significantly depending on where and how you buy them. Take a look at our suggestions in Las Vegas Live Comedy Club discount tickets guide.