Las Vegas Monorail

Vegas Monorail - Las Vegas Strip Transportation

Touring in Las Vegas never ends due to all the incredible places as well as the fascinating things to do in Las Vegas. Among all the facilities in Las Vegas, you may run across the Las Vegas Monorail which moves every day along the Las Vegas strip.

Here in Las Vegas, you can find three free trams moving on the west side of Vegas and one long monorail moving on the east side. This monorail is the one which we are talking about here in this article. The Las Vegas strip Monorail starts the journey at the MGM Grand on the south end and runs north about 3.9 miles to the SLS Las Vegas on Sahara Avenue. It stops at several stations along the way.

The Las Vegas Monorail started in 1993 with private money as a not-for-profit entity. Firstly, it consisted of a one-mile stretch of track that ran trains from the MGM Grand to Bally’s, then after 11 years, they opened the full strip-long Las Vegas Monorail. As a result, the Las Vegas strip monorail is considered the only private-public transportation system in the US as well as the first public monorail system in the world which has no drivers at all.

Is Las Vegas Monorail The Best Option?

Vegas Monorail - Las Vegas Strip Transportation

If your hotel is located next to the Las Vegas monorail, then it is the best option for you to move around the city. Additionally, hotels are currently charging a lot for parking your car, so instead of using your car here and there, you can plan on using the monorail. Compared to Uber or private cars, Las Vegas monorail is a better option if you are moving around the strip.

As a result, you won’t have to park at each hotel and pay money for parking.

Why is The Monorail not always The Best Las Vegas Transportation?

Obviously, wherever you go in Vegas, you can see Las Vegas Monorail going fast at a high speed ( it may reach 50 miles/hour) above traffic helping you to move easily from one place to another without wasting much time and effort.

The convenience of the Las Vegas Monorail depends on the location of the destination as it may be so helpful for eliminating the long waits for a taxi. On the other hand, sometimes it takes some time to get from the Las Vegas Monorail station to your hotel room. Let’s assume that you are staying at the Westgate Las Vegas, then you can easily reach the station which is literally located outside the door

However, it is not the case for some hotels like Bally’s or Paris Las Vegas as they are located away from the station, so it needs a long walk to reach it. Thus, we can’t say that the Las Vegas Monorail is always the best option for transportation.

How Many The Las Vegas Monorail Stops / Stations are There?

Las Vegas Monorail - Best Las Vegas Transportation

Furthermore, you can avoid any surprises by checking your destinations and the Las Vegas Monorail Stations, then putting a plan before you move. There are 7 Las Vegas Monorail Stations which are: MGM Grand Station, Bally’s / Paris Station, Flamingo / Caesars Palace Station, Harrah’s / Imperial Palace Station, Las Vegas Convention Center Station, Westgate Station, and SLS Station.

According to recent statistics, the Las Vegas Monorail failed to attract the pre-expected number of riders, so it wasn’t expanded to the north. But, this doesn’t deny its amazing benefits to the transportation industry in Las Vegas. However, the plans for expansion are still available and it can be done at any time in the future.

What Is The Relation Between City Pass and The Monorail Free?

Las Vegas Power Pass

Las Vegas city pass is known as one of the best ways to move around in Las Vegas and explore the city without paying a lot of money for transportation. Additionally, all the Monorail stations accept the Las Vegas Passes except the Las Vegas Convention Center. So, you can just show them your pass and use the monorail for free.

Notice that one 1 Day Monorail Ticket is included with every Multi-Day Pass only. Moreover, you must present and redeem your pass at the Las Vegas Monorail Customer Service Booth for physical Monorail tickets. You can do it only at the SLS or MGM monorail stations which open daily, 10:00 am-6:00 pm.

The kids 5 and under can use the Las Vegas monorail for free. They must not be alone, but with paying adults who are capable of carrying them through the fare gates. You can also transport the strollers with you, they will definitely be locked and stored away inside the train. Now, you can use the Las Vegas monorail free if you have a pass. Sounds amazing, right?

How to Get into The Las Vegas Monorail?

Monorail in Vegas - Best Vegas Transportation

The guests who are going to use Vegas monorail must bring their confirmation number and/or voucher with photo ID to the station to be checked.

How Much does The Las Vegas Monorail Cost?

In general, the prices of Las Vegas Monorail tickets are not fixed as you may find a Las Vegas monorail discount from time to time. However, you can expect that the Las Vegas monorail price is about 10 dollars.

The Las Vegas Experience with The Monorail

Since today, don’t waste your te waiting for a taxi in lines, sitting in traffic, or piling on buses. With trains available at the seven stations every few minutes, The Las Vegas Monorail offers you the best tour in Las Vegas, the Strip. Never use other than this fastest, cleanest, and most efficient transportation in Las Vegas.