Laugh Factory Comedy Club

70 minutes of comedic genius from the Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory

When you want to enjoy a bit of comedy royalty right here in Las Vegas, you do have several options to pick from. Among the best options, though, is the Laugh Factory. This home of comedy has been a Vegas must-try for a long time now, becoming an established part of the Vegas comedy scene since its doors opened in 1979. The place has been the starting place, and the highlight, of many comedy careers across Vegas history. Why not, then, come and see where some of the best comics in the country have made their name?

Outstanding Comedy to Suit Almost Every Personality

The thing with the Laugh Factory is that, really, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting settled in. There is ample opportunity to come along, have some fun, and get to know the various comedic geniuses that have made their name in Las Vegas. For a 70-minute show, you get to enjoy something that could see you get skits and other hilarious bits from some of the top names in the comedy scene.

Legends of US comedy have been coming here for years and making their name. The likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Bob Saget, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Phyllis Diller, Dane Cook, Nick Cannon, George Carlin, and Jim Carey have all had successful shows at this most prestigious of locations. So, why not come along yourself and see what all the fuss is about? We guarantee that you will have an outstanding time!

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Find Your Next Comedy Memory at The Laugh Factory

If you want to make sure you can have some fun in Las Vegas, then, you want to pick your poison wisely. Places like this stand-up hotspot, though, is a location that almost anyone could come along and have fun with. Acts are varied, topics are diverse, and the kind of comedy that you can find here should be appealing to any kind of sense of humor.

Really, there is nothing more enjoyable than heading over to the Laugh Factory and seeing some of the best names waiting for you, providing you with one of the best shows to see in Vegas. It’s the kind of experience that should really leave you with no doubt that the reputation that Vegas holds as being one of the true homes of comedy is well-earned.

Ready to commit to an amazing evening of top quality comics? Then come and take a look at the latest events which are happening at the Laugh Factory, offering a game-changing experience for every fan of the medium.