Laugh Factory Tickets

Laugh Factory Tickets For Seats In The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel

Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory Las Vegas tickets are available for seats in the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. The show name is also the name of a world-famous comedy club that has existed since 1979. The Laugh Factory serves as a comedy club inside the Tropicana Hotel and has a total seat capacity of 1,000 seats. The minimum age requirement for admission is 18 years or older due to the adult-oriented humor from the stand-up comedians at the club.

Laugh Factory Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtimes for Laugh Factory tickets are 8:30 PM, 10:30 PM, and 11:59 PM on select dates. Fortunately, you can depend on 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM showtimes at the Laugh Factory every night of the week. There will occasionally be an 11:59 PM showtime, but not always. If you can arrange your planned schedule for an 8:30 PM or 10:30 PM showtime, you could choose any day of the week for it.

The Laugh Factory tickets are a hot seller in Las Vegas. People love to attend live stand-up comedy acts in Sin City because they are funny, exciting, and entertaining. However, you can expect tickets to sell quickly every night of the week because stand-up comedy never has a slow night in Vegas. If you want to plan for a specific date and time to attend the show, you should purchase your tickets well in advance.

Laugh Factory Ticket Prices

The Laugh Factory comedy club in Las Vegas has three seating sections: General Admission, VIP Tables, and VIP Booths. The entire comedy room has a uniquely organized seating arrangement because you have VIP or General seating. The VIP seating will give you a better viewpoint of the stand-up comedians on the center stage. It is also much more comfortable seating than the individual seats of the General Admission section.

Your budget and seating preference can help you choose the best Laugh Factory Vegas tickets. Please note that only four VIP booths exist in the comedy club, two in the rear and two in the front. If you want a seat in a VIP booth, you must plan to purchase your tickets in advance because the booth tickets sell fast.

Let’s explore the three main seating categories below:

General Admission

The General Admission seating is in the rear on the left and right sides of the club. There is no direct alignment between your seats and the center stage because you’ll be sitting at an angle farther away from the stage. The upside is that the Las Vegas Laugh Factory tickets only cost $53 if you purchase a seat in the General Admission section. It is the lowest price for Laugh Factory tickets in the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel.

VIP Table

Would you prefer a seat at a VIP table in the Laugh Factory? If you purchase Laugh Factory Hollywood tickets for seats at the VIP Table section, it will align you directly with the center stage. Not only that, but you’ll also have a table to rest your drinks on. VIP tables are spread throughout the middle and front of the club, so you’re guaranteed the best views of the center stage. The minimum price for VIP Table seating is $61, only $8 more than General Admission seating. It is a worthy investment for entertainment if you like stand-up comedy.

VIP Booth

Of course, you can purchase Laugh Factory VIP tickets for seating at VIP booths in the Laugh Factory comedy club. VIP booths give you private and comfortable seating accommodations in the club. VIP booth tickets sell faster than any other tickets because the minimum price for a VIP booth is $72. Who wouldn’t be willing to pay $11 more for a VIP booth rather than a VIP table? Most people can afford to pay the extra $11 if it means seeing funny comedians up close. It could also increase your chances of getting called out by one of the comedians as part of their act.

Don’t expect the Laugh Factory ticket prices to stay the same forever. Las Vegas show tickets tend to experience frequent price changes due to their level of demand. So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas to see a comedy show at the Laugh Factory on a specific date, you should purchase your tickets a few months in advance. Otherwise, you’ll have to search for quick discounts on tickets around the scheduled showtime date in case of any cancellations.  


Many fascinating opportunities are available for Laugh Factory Las Vegas discount tickets. For example, sometimes, the Tropicana Hotel may offer a package deal for guests who want to attend the Laugh Factory at their hotel. Discounts can also arise from a sudden ticket cancelation close to the scheduled showtime of the event. The best thing to do is purchase the discount tickets as soon as they become available because they are in high demand and sell out quickly.

Another way to save money on your Laugh Factory tickets is to use a promo code. The Laugh Factory show webpage will often have a promo code opportunity published for visitors interested in attending a show at the club. The Laugh Factory promo code may reduce your ticket prices by between 10% and 40%, so it is usually a fantastic opportunity for anyone on a budget. Clicking on the promo code link will earn you the discount automatically when you proceed through the checkout process. The promo code published should be good because it is updated frequently.