Legends in Concert

Spectacular Celebrity Sensations Come Together For a Legendary Evening

Legends in Concert

Looking for an easy way to see the best of the best in Las Vegas? Then come along to see Legends in Concert. Hosted by the legendary Frank Marino, you will get to enjoy a star-studded evening of drama, charm, and charisma. These evenings are easy to enjoy, offering a spectacular evening of fun, drama, and hilarity.

The Tropicana plays host to many of the biggest names in Las Vegas entertainment and this show is no different. As one of the best shows for those aged 12+, make this your choice for Vegas afternoon shows worth seeing. It’s the perfect place to see some outstanding comedy, wit, and charm in that vintage Vegas styling.

Change The Mood Music with Legends in Concert

If you want to take things a step further when it comes to enjoying musical entertainment, events like Legends in Concert make sense. This show is more than a tribute show to the best of the best, though; Marino and co. offer more than Elvis Pressley covers. This is a show that is littered with great ideas, fresh concepts, and amazing tributes to some of the best names in entertainment history.

An All-Star line-up creates an evening’s intrigue where you can see takes on the likes of Elvis, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, and Frank Marino himself. The Legends add in a series of exciting costumes, hilarious antics on-stage, and a bombastic, larger-than-life personality that is so easy to enjoy.

Enjoy a special evening’s entertainment with Legends in Concert, and you can see some of the finest musical and performance acts in the city. If you intend to visit Legends in Concert, though, book up with Vegas Lens to ensure you can get the very best seats, pricing on tickets, and availability for this showpiece event.

See The Legends of Las Vegas at Their Peak

Legends in Concert - Matinee shows Las Vegas

As one of the best shows to see in Las Vegas, Legends in Concert offers an evening you would struggle to forget. The entertainment is rich, the talent is undeniable, and the energy is authentic. This is a show that is littered with tireless experts in the art of performance who simply know how to put together a show that leaves you wanting more, more, more.

It’s also the kind of evening that allows you to relive some of the finest musical performers past and present. An evening’s entertainment built around outstanding music and equally impressive imagery – what more could you want from an evening in Vegas?

Book up today, then, and remind yourself why the experts on stage are regarded as some of the finest performers in Vegas history. Come along and see Legends in Concert, and get an insight into why this show has been running for so many years with constant success!