Legends In Concert Tickets

Legends In Concert Tickets For Seats In The Legends In Concert Theater at The Tropicana Hotel

Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert Las Vegas tickets are available for seating in the Legends in Concert Theater at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. Then you can see lifelike impersonators of music legends like Cher, Michael Jackson, Elton John, George Michael, and Freddie Mercury. The flawless vocals of the impersonators make them individually talented in their own right. The Legends in Concert Theater features surround stereo systems and music technology designed to enhance the excitement and entertainment of this 75-minute show. You will love it from start to finish.

Legends In Concert Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtimes for Legends in Concert Vegas tickets are at 7:30 PM on select dates. No performances are scheduled for Tuesdays currently, but that is subject to change. However, there are performances scheduled for every other day of the week, Wednesdays through Mondays. So you should find plenty of available tickets for the Legends in Concert around the time you plan to come to Las Vegas.

The highest demand for Legends in Concert tickets is on Fridays through Mondays. If you plan to see a weekend showing of the Legends in Concert, you should try to reserve your tickets a few months in advance. The minimum age requirement to attend the Legends in Concert show is 12 years or older. A 7:30 PM showtime should be convenient enough for a child over 12.

Legends In Concert Ticket Prices

The Legends in Concert show in Las Vegas has four primary seating sections: General Admission, Mezzanine, Preferred, and VIP. The main difference between the various seating sections is the distance from each section to the center stage. But you also have to consider whether you want an elevated seat too.

For example, if you purchase Legends Las Vegas show tickets for seats in the Mezzanine section, you will be the farthest from the center stage. However, these are not the cheapest tickets because you will have an elevated seat to look down upon the stage and its performers. No obstructions from other people’s heads will block your views either. 

The range of ticket prices is from $61 to $126. You may want a budget-friendly seat in the General Admission section or a superior expensive seat in the VIP section. Either way, there is an ideal seat for anyone looking to book tickets to see the Legends in Concert at the Tropicana Hotel.

Let’s explore the four main sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission section has the cheapest and less desirable seats in the Legends in Concert Theater. It’ll put you between the Preferred and Mezzanine seating sections. Although the General Admission section may be closer to the stage than the Mezzanine section, it doesn’t offer an unobstructed view as the Mezzanine section does. The minimum price of Legends in Concert tickets for the General Admission section is $61.


The Mezzanine section features seat rows in the rear of the Legends in Concert Theater. However, it is an elevated seating area with no obstructions blocking your view of the center stage. So even though you’re sitting far away from the stage, you can clearly see everything taking place on stage. That is why the minimum price of Legends Concert tickets for Mezzanine seating is $67, which is about $6 more than seating in the General Admission section.


The Preferred section puts you in the center of the Legends in Concert Theater, just behind the VIP section. Most people love the Preferred section because it offers a good balance of affordability and quality seating. You’ll sit closer to the center stage while aligned with the on-stage activities. The minimum price of Preferred seating in the theater is $84 and up.


How would you like to sit directly in front of the impersonators on stage? The Legends in Concert VIP tickets will give you seating next to the center stage, where you can see the impersonators entertain crowds up close. It is the best seating for anyone who doesn’t mind paying extra for their tickets in order to see talented impersonators of their favorite legendary singers. The price for VIP tickets is about $126 to start.

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