Mac King Comedy Magic Show

See The Longest Running Magician in all of Las Vegas Sparkle to Life

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

They say that magic has to be kept simple for the audience to enjoy, but the Mac King Comedy Magic Show is really something who breaks that ‘wisdom’. Come along to one of these nights out at the Excalibur, and you will see an evening full of risky magic that is built on years of experience. After all, the Mac King Comedy Magic Show is the longest running magic show in the whole of Las Vegas.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show Review

When you come to one of the many comedy shows in Las Vegas, you are naturally looking to have some fun. Most of the time, though, you need to choose; do you want laughter? Or do you want magic? Well, this show looks to bring both together into a comical medley. Book up for the Excalibur and watch one of the most experienced magic comics in the entire industry put on an absolute clinic.

Things are easier to enjoy when you know the person on the stage is in complete control of the event, and that is what the Mac King Comedy Magic Show promises. Suited for everyone aged 5 or above, too, this is a family friendly comedy event where you don’t need to worry about covering the eyes or ears of the little children.

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From the outrageous magical tricks tried out on stage, from rope tricks to shadow puppets to various new additions like his Colonel Sanders live animal shows, you get to enjoy something very unique indeed. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show has been going for years, and it is easy to see why. This is family friendly comedy that can make anyone of any age group laugh.

You get to enjoy a magical adept who, although he looks like he is bumbling through the show, is actually in total control of everything he is doing. That whimsical personality is all part of the fun, so just sit back, relax, and let someone who has more or less carried magic with them their entire life does the fun stuff.

So, come along to one of the best Vegas shows and see why this is a beloved comedy act for families especially.

Magic shows mixed with comedy need to be very specific to ensure it comes off as intended, and this show does that for you with ease. Book up as part of the Mac King Comedy Magic Show crowd and you will enjoy a magic show that seems to tick every single box.

FAQs About Mac King Comedy Magic Show

How Long Is The Mac King Comedy Show?

The Mac King Comedy Show performs at the Excalibur Resort and Casino in Las Vegas! It plays on all days of the week, aside from Sunday and Monday, at 1 PM and 3 PM,. The shows last for 70 minutes.

How do you do the Mac King rope trick?

Mac King’s rope trick was made famous in “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” It is a trick where he cuts a full length of rope and magically mends it back together again. The truth is he has two ropes, one of the ropes he cuts in plain view while the other he keeps hidden in the palm of his hand. The hidden rope never gets cut.

Is Mac King good for kids?

The minimum age requirement to attend the Mac King Comedy Magic Show is five years of age or older. It is a show suitable for adults and children alike.

Where Does Mac King Perform In Las Vegas?

The Mac Kind Comedy Show performs at the Excalibur Resorts and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. check out more Excalibur Las Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For Mac King?

Everyone has their favorite place to sit when they go to see a show! There are many different great seats to choose from at the Mac King seating chart. Your best bet at finding the best seats for you and your guests is by checking out the

How much are Mac King tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Mac King Las Vegas tickets is $29. He performs his comedy magic show in the Thunderland of the Excalibur Hotel.

How To Get Cheap Mac King Show Tickets?

Luckily, there are many ways to Mac King Las Vegas discount tickets for cheap, and you are in just the place you need to be to find them! Check out all of the best ways to save big on your tickets to the show with our guide!