Mat Franco

A Charismatic Magician with An Amazing Sleight-of-Hand

Mat Franco

Mat Franco rose to fame after winning the 9th season of the popular television show America’s Got Talent. He was the first magician ever to win any season of the show, beating thousands of other talented participants in the process.

Franco’s best skills are sleight-of-hand magic tricks. However, he also brings a unique personality to his performances as well. Some critics say his charismatic personality is what makes his magic tricks so entertaining. You can judge for yourself when you come to the LINQ Hotel and Casino to see Mat Franco perform live.

Mat Franco Las Vegas Review

Since 2015, Franco has joined the ranks as one of the best shows in Las Vegas. The LINQ Hotel even has a “Mat Franco Theater” named after him too. It is where his live magic shows are performed in front of audiences. These are not small audiences either. The theater room is big enough to hold a massive-size audience at the same time.

If you want to see a charismatic magician with divine magic and sleight-of-hand abilities, then look no further than Mat Franco’s magic show in Vegas. The Mat Franco Theater is an intimate showroom where audience members can get close to the stage and watch Franco’s trickery up close. It gives people a chance to try and figure out how he performs his tricks, but most never do.

Could Franco be a real-life wizard? Well, not exactly, but you would think he is after watching his show. Franco does try to be a good sport by teaching one magic trick to his audiences. They get left feeling shocked and amazed that they couldn’t figure it out themselves. Few Vegas magicians leave their audiences so stunned after the show is over.

For the rest of the 90-minute show, Franco does not give away any more of his secrets. He continues to “wow” his audience members, whether they’re 5 or 50 years old. Children as young as five years old are allowed to watch the show if an adult accompanies them. The showtimes available are 7 PM and 9:30 PM.

When Franco is done with his magic tricks, he shares a couple of personal stories about how he became a magician. His stories are pretty interesting, so you won’t want to miss them either. Basically, Franco saw a magician perform on television when he was a child, making him want to be a magician.

Franco first started with a magic set, which he used to perform tricks for his classmates in kindergarten. As he got older, his grandmother would become his sole audience member. Franco developed magic tricks and tried to get his grandmother to figure out how he did them. She had no idea how he did them.

Franco was 15 years old when he first performed on stage in Las Vegas. The Society of American Magicians hosted a show entitled Stars of Tomorrow at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Franco immediately fell in love with performing in front of large audiences because their reactions to his magic tricks were priceless.

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FAQs About Mat Franco Show

How Long is The Mat Franco Show in Las Vegas?

The Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly show has a run time of 90 minutes.

Is Mat Franco Magic Real?

That certainly depends on what you consider “real” magic! Will you be entertained and mystified? Absolutely! Mat Franco usually relies on sleight-of-hand magic and other forms of illusion.

Is Mat Franco a good magician?

Mat Franco is a brilliant magician who won the 9th season of America’s Got Talent. He is best known for his skilled sleight of hand magic tricks.

How does Mat Franco do his tricks?

Mat Franco is a master at hand card tricks. He must know where every card is at any given time. For instance, during his storytelling card trick, Mat likes to tell jokes and stories to distract audiences away from what he’s doing. You’ll see him shuffling the deck of cards repeatedly to make it look like he’s going to draw random cards. However, it is really a “false shuffle” with some cards about 1/8 inch above or below the other cards in the deck. That is how he knows where the cards are that he wants to pull out. It is just one example of his tricks.  

Is Mat Franco kid friendly?

Mat Franco’s show “Magic Reinvented Nightly” is available to guests five years of age or older. It is a kid-friendly and family-friendly show because Mat mixes innocent humor with fun magic tricks and illusions to entertain audiences. 

How old is Mat Franco?

Mat Franco is 34 years old. He was born on May 10th, 1988.

Is Mat Franco related to James Franco?

No, Mat Franco is not related to James Franco.

Is Mat Franco related to the Franco Brothers?

No, Mat Franco is not related to the Franco brothers. His father is Larry Franco, a motion picture producer and former husband of Jill Russell. Jill is the sister of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell.

How Much Does Matt Franco Make?

Born in Johnston, Rhode Island, Mat Franco has an estimated net worth of somewhere between $3 and $7 million! He is listed as one of the wealthiest contestants to start on America’s Got Talent. While we may not know how much he makes per show, we can assume that this magician is doing very well for himself!

When did Mat Franco win AGT?

Mat Franco won the 9th season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2014.

Where Does Matt Franco Perform In Vegas?

Since 2015, Mat Franco’s show headlines at the LINQ Hotel and Experience. You can catch his magic at the Mat Franco Theater. be sure to check out other shows at The Linq Las Vegas.

Where in The Linq is Mat Franco?

Mat Franco performs in the Mat Franco Theater of the LINQ Hotel & Experience.

What time is the Mat Franco show?

The current showtimes for “Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented” are 7 PM and 9:30 PM on various days of the week. His shows are in the Mat Franco Theater of the LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas.

What Are The Best Seats For Matt Franco?

Finding the best seats for Matt Franco show starts with checking out the Mat Franco theater seating chart! Take a look to see which seats are the best ones for you!

Is there a dress code for Mat Franco show?

There is no formal Mat Franco dress code. You can wear any casual or comfortable clothing you would like.

How much are Mat Franco tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Mat Franco Las Vegas tickets is $62 and up.

How To Get Cheap Matt Franco Show Tickets?

Luckily, there are many ways to Mat Franco discount tickets, and you are in just the place you need to be to find them! Check out all of the best ways to save big on your tickets to the show with our guide!