Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

Relive The Life of a Musical Legend Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

As one of the most gifted musicians of all-time, Michael Jackson has been the inspiration behind countless musical and creative projects. However, one of the latest works by Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil, offers something totally different indeed. This show shines reverence on the life and the creative style of Jackson himself, bringing it all together into a fresh new adventure. Book up today at the Mandalay Bay Theater, then, and see a 90-minute performance that takes your breath away entirely.

Michael Jackson ONE Review

Part of what makes Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil such a great show, and one of the best family shows in Vegas, is the sheer audacity. The whole event is built around a hot and exciting show where everything from moonwalks to thrillers will take place. The entire show takes the creative spark of Michael Jackson and imports it into the high-intensity flair and adventure of Cirque du Soleil.

This makes this one of the most gratifying places to be for anyone who enjoys the best shows to see in Vegas. Watch as a troupe of performers come together to put together a perfectly choreographed event. The whole thing feels natural and authentic as you watch some of the finest minds in the industry get to work and put on a truly mesmeric show that should really hit home.

The sheer enjoyment of a show like this can be that it just feels so easy to go along with. The show flows from one moment to the next, telling the story of a creative mastermind as you have never seen before.

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One of the most inspiring parts of the best Cirque show in Vegas is the way it tells the story of Jackson. As one of the most famous people in modern history, his life has many slants and themes that run through it. Therefore, Cirque du Soleil looks to tell the life, story, and songs of the mastermind behind the life. It’s an uplifting, engaging evening that is sure to have you truly mesmerized.

From the acrobats to the best hits from MJ himself, this whole evening is a celebration of a truly special individual. Watch in awe at the dance routines, the stylish nature of the event, and the overall charm of the evening.

Enjoy something totally unique in the form of Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil, a special take on the life of a musical legend. Book up with Vegas Lens today and see the show up-close and personal as you would have always wanted!

FAQs About Michael Jackson One Show

What is the story of Michael Jackson ONE?

The Michael Jackson ONE storyline revolves around four youthful misfits that go on a journey into the world of Michael Jackson and his music. Along the way, these misfits discover the beauty and magic of Michael Jackson through his greatest songs. The experience transforms the misfits into personifying the same love, courage, and agility as Jackson.

Is the Michael Jackson ONE show worth it?

Michael Jackson ONE is an exciting and thrilling show with high-quality entertainment, including dancing and acrobatics. Furthermore, it pays homage to Michael Jackson’s memory with a unique storyline involving four misfits who become better people after inhibiting the qualities of Michael Jackson through his music. Whether you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, it is worth the price of admission to see the show.

How long is Michael Jackson show?

The Michael Jackson One show runs for approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

When did MJ ONE start?

Michael Jackson ONE started at the Mandalay Bay Resort on June 29th, 2013. Cirque du Soleil created Michael Jackson ONE as their second tribute show to the late pop singer, the first being Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.

Is Michael Jackson Cirque good?

If you love well-choreographed dancing and thrilling acrobatic stunts, you will love Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil. The show offers everything you could ever want in a Michael Jackson tribute show and much more.

Is Michael Jackson ONE family-friendly?

Children under the age of five will not be admitted to the show. However, for older children, the show is appropriate and entertaining. Please be advised that the show does use loud sounds and contains periods of darkness, which can frighten younger children.

Is Michael Jackson ONE appropriate for kids?

Michael Jackson ONE is suitable for kids five years of age and older. That is the minimum age requirement to bring kids to the show at the Mandalay Bay Theatre of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. The show consists of high-flying acrobatics, aerialists, slacklining, trampolines, and other impressive stunts which are fine for children to see.

Who is the guitar player in Michael Jackson ONE?

Shani Kimelman is the name of the guitar player in the Michael Jackson ONE show. She has played the guitar since she was a 15-year-old growing up in Israel. Then she moved to the United States and studied at Berkley School of Music in Boston.

Does the Michael Jackson ONE show change?

Michael Jackson ONE is a well-choreographed and produced show by the legendary Cirque du Soleil production company. They brought the Michael Jackson ONE show back to the Mandalay Bay Resort after temporarily closing due to COVID restrictions. Now, the show is just as successful with audiences as ever.

Where Does Michael Jackson Perform In Las Vegas?

The Michael Jackson Show performs at the Mandalay Bay Theatre at The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, check out more Mandalay Bay Las Vegas shows.

Where are The Best Seats For The Michael Jackson Show?

The seats found in section 102 are considered some of the best for the Michael Jackson One show. They have a central view of the stage and provide a direct view of all portions of the show’s production. check out Michael Jackson One seating chart to learn more.

Is there a dress code for Michael Jackson ONE show?

The Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel has no fixed Michael Jackson ONE dress code. Therefore, you should wear whatever casual clothing makes you feel comfortable.

How much are Michael Jackson ONE tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Michael Jackson ONE Las Vegas tickets is $81 and up. These tickets will get you seating way in the back row of the Mandalay Bay Theatre. But if you want to sit near the center stage, you’ll have to pay close to $216.

How to Get Discount Tickets for Michael Jackson Show?

Tickets to the show can vary significantly depending on where and how you buy them. Take a look at our suggestions in Michael Jackson One discount tickets guide.