Mirage Treasure Island Tram

Mirage Treasure Island Tram - Free Las Vegas Tram

To facilitate your tour in the city, Las Vegas has three trams: The Mirage-Treasure Island tram, Bellagio – CityCenter – Monte Carlo Tram, and Mandalay Bay Excalibur Tram. What is The Mirage-Treasure Island tram? Let’s know more about this Las Vegas tram.

This tram runs between 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. every day. Each ride takes two-four minutes and it reaches the station every 15 minutesMirage-Treasureand the Mirage-Treasure lasts about two to four minutes.

It is called Mirage Tram, Treasure Island Tram or Mirage-Treasure Island Tram because it starts at the Mirage hotel where it stops outside to the left of the hotel’s front entrance, but the location is shaded with a misting system.

On the other hand, it arrives at the Treasure Island where all the passengers can wait for the tram near the gateway behind automatic gates in a corridor.

When the tram arrives at the treasure island, these automatic gates open automatically. This allows the passengers who are on the tram to get down before the new passengers get on.

Furthermore, there are a lot of televisions and screens in the waiting areas as well as the tram itself which play ads related to the marvelous TI and Mirage shows and attractions.

You can enjoy your way at the tram especially when going from the Strip as you will see wonderful views including the palm trees and vegetation in addition to a nice aerial view of the TI pool on the west side.

Moreover, the ride is smooth and the seating of the bus-style are comfortable with some standing room and long benches.

The Mirage-Treasure Island tram is a quick tram which starts at the south at the Mirage and runs north to reach the Treasure Island. It was built by Steve Wynn who owned both Treasure Island and the Mirage.

Fortunately, you are lucky if you are willing to visit the Mirage or the Treasure Island as it requires the least amount of walking to reach them especially their casino entrances.

Currently, this Tram is not operating because it is undergoing maintenance, and it will open again in October of 2018. But, according to certain rumors, it will be closed permanently.

The other two free trams take the customers back and forth between casinos of the same owners, but that Mirage-Treasure Island tram doesn’t.

Although in the past, MGM resorts owned both the Mirage and the Treasure Island. Then it needed money for the costs associated with the City Center project, so they had to sell the Treasure Island to Phil Ruffin