Murray The Magician

Larger-than-Life Illusions Merged with Music and Dancing

Murray The Magician

Murray John Sawchuck is Murray the Magician. He is also an illusionist, actor, and comedian too. Some people call him the “Dennis the Menace of Magic” because he uses comical mishaps to create his magic tricks and illusions. He also has electric blonde hair and kind of looks like Dennis the Menace too.

Murray The Magician Las Vegas Review

Murray first made a name for himself after his appearance on the NBC reality television series America’s Got Talent. Approximately 22 million viewers watched as he made a 1918 steam train locomotive disappear in a matter of a few seconds. Although he didn’t win on the show, Murray was a semifinalist who beat dozens of other contestants.

His America’s Got Talent fame led him to find opportunities as a magician in Las Vegas. Murray does not do small-time magic acts. He specializes in extra large illusions and tricks, like making the locomotive disappear. Some of his other illusions include making a Ferrari suddenly appear in mid-air and turning a beautiful showgirl into a nearly 500-pound tiger.

Audiences stay entertained and engaged throughout this 60-minute show. Murray the Magician does not hold back on its extravagance. It goes the extra mile to wow audiences and amazes them from beginning to end. Two of Murray’s signature illusions take place at the center of the audience. All the guests get to have a 360-degree view of the illusions, making them more personal and intrusive.

No one will ever feel far away from Murray. The showroom design makes everyone in the audience feel as if they are next to Murray, including when he’s standing on stage. If you want to see a unique Las Vegas show, you will not be disappointed with Murray’s performance.

Murray has some music and dance skills too. He incorporates these skills into his magic acts to further entertain his audiences. The energy brought to his magic acts is surreal. You can tell that he is a magician in Las Vegas who truly loves what he does for a living. He will keep you mesmerized and entertained simultaneously.

Murray has continued to make appearances on television shows in addition to his work in Vegas. His most notable appearances were on VH1’s Celebracadabra, Pawn Stars, The Jadagrace Show, Glow, Masters of Illusion, Reno 911!, Last Comic Standing, and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Vegas Lens offers lower prices on tickets to see Murray the Magician in Las Vegas. Reserve your spot as early as possible because these tickets sell fast. The show takes place at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. You can bring children as young as five years old to the show. The illusions are large but family-friendly for sure. Your kids will love to see the magic of this very talented magician in Las Vegas.

Murray performs several nights a week at the Tropicana Hotel. He also makes YouTube videos, where he uses magic to help homeless people and entertain people on the streets. If you’ve never seen Murray perform live, watch his YouTube videos. They will inspire you to want to watch him in person.

FAQs About Murray The Magician Show

Who is Murray The magician on Pawn Stars?

Murray The Magician’s real name is Murray John Sawchuck. He is a magician who makes regular appearances on the reality television show “Pawn Stars.” Murray serves as the designated magic expert to the hosts of the show. They call him whenever they need Murray to provide his professional opinion about the value of magic-related items brought into the pawn shop.

How Long Is Murray The Magician Show?

Murray the Magician performs a show that is entertaining for audiences ranging in age from 5 to 105 years old. The show is 60 minutes long. There are plenty of great Las Vegas daytime shows, and Murray The Magician is one of them, with performances showing at 4 PM.

Is Murray the Magician good?

Murray the Magician offers fantastic family-friendly magic tricks suitable for people ages five and older. He is a very talented magician who loves to perform extra large tricks and illusions to captivate audiences. That would explain why he was a semifinalist on the NBC TV series “America’s Got Talent,” where he caused a 1918 steam train locomotive to vanish.

Is Murray The Magician Family Friendly?

This is a family-friendly show with plenty of laughter and tricks for all ages. One thing is for sure, the entire family, from little ones to grandparents, will enjoy this show!

How old is Murray the Magician?

Murray the Magician is 48 years old. He was born on November 25th, 1973.

Where Does Murray The Magician Play?

Murray the Magician delivers his one-of-a-kind magic performance to Tropicana Las Vegas’ Laugh Factory Comedy Club, which is known for incredible pranks, illusions, comedy, and great audience participation. check more shows at Tropicana Las Vegas.

What Are The Best Seats For Murray The Magician Show?

Finding the best seats for any show depends on where you prefer to watch the show from and what your budget is for your tickets. For more information on seating options, be sure to check out Murray The Magician seating chart.

How much are Murray The Magician tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Murray The Magician Las Vegas tickets is $25 and up. Of course, you can pay more for better seating if you want to sit closer to the center stage where Murray performs.

How to Get Cheap Tickets For Murray The Magician?

Murray The Magician tickets fluctuate in prices depending on when and from where you make your purchase. The lowest price we found was $25, but we recommend looking at all of the tips on our Murray The Magician discount tickets guide to find the price, and the method that works best for you!