Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Spell Binding Comedy Mixed in with Hilarious, Modern Magic Tricks

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

If you want a show where anyone can come along and have a simply tremendous time in the afternoon, you should book up for the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show. This is a spellbound show that mixes together family friendly comedy with amazing acts of magic. If you like one, or both, of these kinds of acts then you should immediately find that this is a whimsical blend of what makes the whole thing feel spectacular.

Treat yourself to an engaging and exciting evening of comedy magic thanks to a show that is built around glamour. From the showgirls to the amazing comedy mixed in with illusions that will make you really wonder if what you are seeing is reality, this is a magic show that anyone can come along to and enjoy with total simplicity.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show Review

When booking up family friendly Vegas comedy shows, you want to know what you are getting. With this show, you are going to see a famous TV personality who has been involved in everything from “The Entertainer” to “America’s Got Talent”, so you know that this is someone with total control over what they do. The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show is a classic affair, loaded with the kind of exciting on-stage acts that should get your total attention.

As you watch the geniuses on-stage at work, just be sure to keep an eye on all of the little tricks they pull. The secrets are well-kept, but you should have no problem at all in enjoying the magic of the gags that the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show pulls on-stage.

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Coming along to see the best Las Vegas shows means being ready to have yourself dazzled and amazed. Even if you arrive at this all-ages show with elite expectation, we are confident you will have a good time. This is a show where the expert on-stage knows how to make something come to life. After all, this show has been going for 20 years; it has to be fresh to be running for that length of time!

There is something in the show, too, that always leaves you wondering how the magic on the stage just took place in front of you. For an elite experience that is going to leave you wanting to see even more, then, take a look at getting tickets to the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show today.

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FAQs About Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

How Long Is Nathan Burton Show?

The Nathan Burton show performs every day except for Thursday and Friday at 4 PM. The show typically lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Where is Nathan Burton from?

Nathan Burton was born in Oakland, California. 

Did Nathan Burton win America’s Got Talent?

No, he did not win. Nathan Burton was a contestant on season 1 of America’s Got Talent and made it to the semifinals before getting eliminated.

Is Nathan Burton related to Lance Burton?

Many people assume Nathan Burton and Lance Burton are related because they are both magicians with the same last name. However, the truth is that the two magicians are not related, and their performance styles are also different.  

Is Nathan Burton A Good Show?

As the “#1 Afternoon Magic Show in Las Vegas,” according to the audience, The Nathan Burton Magic Show is one of the kid friendly shows in Vegas. The Nathan Burton Magic Show is the pinnacle of family entertainment! Not only does the master magician produce incredible large-scale illusions at breakneck speed, but he also engages the audience via interactive magic that takes place in their hands! All ages are welcome.

Where Does Nathan Burton Perform?

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic is currently performing at the Saxe Theater, located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Tuesday through Sunday at 4 p.m. check out more Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For Nathan Burton Show?

Everyone has their own individual preferences when it comes to finding the perfect seat. We recommend checking out the Nathan Burton magic show seating chart before making a decision regarding your seating section..

How much are Nathan Burton tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Nathan Burton Las Vegas tickets is $20. But if you want better seating in the V Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort, you can pay up to $50 for Front VIP Floor seating next to the center stage.

How to Get Discount Tickets for Nathan Burton?

Be sure to read all of our tips and tricks in Nathan Burton discount tickets guide to learn as much as possible about saving big on your reservations and snagging a few of your own deeply discounted tickets.