Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Hypnosis and Mind Reading with Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Do you like magicians who know how to mind read? You can experience the magic and wisdom of one of the best mind readers in the country at Paranormal Mind Reading Magic. It is a magic show in Vegas featuring an international mentalist named Frederic Da Silva. He is a multi-talented magician who brings hypnosis and mind-reading to his magic acts.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Review

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is one of the best afternoon shows in Vegas. Some people describe it as a paranormal show because Da Silva demonstrates special powers of the mind that few other people possess. There is a fair amount of mystery to his shows because you never learn how Da Silva can read your mind.

For example, Da Silva can guess what you have in your pockets before you ever take anything out of them. He can also guess the name of someone you are thinking about in your mind. No one understands how he can guess these names so accurately. Does he have some type of paranormal power? Could he genuinely have magical abilities of the mind? Da Silva will never reveal his secrets.

However, that is the whole fun of the experience. Paranormal Mind Reading Magic keeps audience members guessing and wondering from beginning to end. You are not supposed to understand the secrets of his powers, other than the fact that he has them. Before Da Silva had a magic show in Vegas, he gained international fame on European television. He was even deemed “The Best Mentalist in Europe.”

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is a unique magic show in Vegas that uses unfathomable illusions and mental powers. If you like shows where audiences get to participate in the act, you will love this show. Da Silva does not make any physical contact with audience members. He only has to look at you to guess your innermost secrets.

Low-cost tickets to see Paranormal Mind Reading Magic can be purchased and reserved with Vegas Lens. We offer significant discounts from the standard full-purchase price of the show. The location is the Magic Attic at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. It is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4 PM. Guests must be at least five years of age or older. The show length is 75 minutes.

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is a family-friendly show in Vegas. The afternoon timeslot is convenient for people who want to watch a show before eating dinner and retiring early at their hotels for the evening. Use Vegas Lens to make all your reservations at discounted rates. You may find family packages that offer better rates than single or couple reservations.

FAQs About Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

How Long Is Paranormal – The Mindreading Magic Show?

Paranormal – The Mind Reading Magic Show performs at the Magic Attic in Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel And Casino. This show usually lasts for about 75 minutes! As one of the best Las Vegas afternoon shows, you and your family can catch the performance at 4 PM on the days that it performs.

What Days Are Paranormal – Mind Reading Magic Show Open?

Paranormal – The Mind Reading Magic Show performs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With dark days on Monday, this show is also off on some Wednesdays, so be sure to double-check your show date!

Is Paranormal – Mind Reading Magic Family Friendly?

Paranormal The Mind Reading Magic Show is definitely one of kid friendly shows in Vegas! Children ages five and older can enjoy the show with their parents and other family members and will surely be delighted by the many illusions and magic tricks showcased during the performance!

Where Is Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Playing?

Paranormal Mind Reading is performing at The Magic Attic at Bally’s Las Vegas, Nevada. be sure to check more Bally’s Las Vegas shows.

What Are The Best Seats For Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show?

The easiest way to find the best seats for the show is by checking out the Paranormal Mind Reading seating chart.

How much are Paranormal Mind Reading Magic tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price for Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Las Vegas tickets is $28.

How to Get Cheap Tickets For Paranormal Mind Reading?

Prices on tickets to the Paranormal Mind Reading Show can cost as little as $28, depending on when you buy and how you buy them! We’ve included Paranormal Mind Reading discount tickets guide. So be sure to take a look!