Penn & Teller

The Classic Comedy Duo Perform Their Classic and Newest Tricks

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller is a magic show in Las Vegas with national name-brand recognition. These two magicians have been entertaining audiences in Vegas and on television for decades. One of the magicians is the silent trickster, and the other magician is the narrator. Together, the duo delivers the perfect blend of magic and comedy to entertain and amaze audiences.

The magic show in Las Vegas incorporates everything a magic show should contain. Sure, there are classic magic tricks like sleight-of-hand card illusions, but many of their tricks go beyond the norm. Penn and Teller can swallow needles, materialize goldfish, and throw knives without anyone getting hurt.

About Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller is a classic magic show in Las Vegas that you cannot afford to miss. Their mind-bending abilities and comedic timing create the perfect entertainment model to please crowds of people. The secrets to their tricks never get revealed. You won’t even see them prepping for the tricks either. Everyone is left wondering how they did their tricks.

Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller are their full names. They started performing together in the mid-1970s with a combination of magic and comedy. Penn is the sole speaker of most of their acts, while Teller communicates with nonverbal gestures and mimes. Two of their most famous television shows are Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Penn & Teller: Bullshit!.

However, the Penn & Teller magic show in Las Vegas is their biggest success. In fact, it is the longest-running headliner at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Vegas history. No other show has headlined at any other hotel for as long as Penn and Teller. In 2013, Penn and Teller received individual stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And yes, Teller does speak when he is not performing on stage. You can find plenty of interviews with him on YouTube. After 45 years of doing comedy and magic together, Penn and Teller are not ready to quit anytime soon.

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Penn & Teller is performed at the Penn & Teller Theater in the Rio Hotel and Casino. Penn and Teller are not afraid to break the rules and go the extra mile to wow their audiences. Families with children five years of age or older may attend the show. Even though Penn and Teller break norms, they still manage to keep their show family-friendly and fun for everyone.