Penn and Teller Seating Chart

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Penn & Teller

Penn and Teller have been an incredible magic duo for decades. Their shows are an entertaining blend of comedy and magic. Penn provides a comedic narration during their performance while his silent partner, Teller, performs most of the actions without uttering a word. You’ll see them throw knives, swallow needles, materialize goldfish, and a whole range of other neat magic tricks. Their show is featured at the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Penn and Teller Theater Seating Chart

Penn and Teller Seating Chart

The Penn and Teller seating chart of the Penn & Teller Theater shows a total seat capacity of approximately 1,475 seats. The entire theater has a spacious and luxurious design with high ceilings and plenty of different seating options.

There are four main seating categories to the theater: Balcony, Mezzanine, Orchestra, and Amphitheatre. The section closest to the main stage is the Amphitheatre seating section (also called the Ampersand). If you are lucky enough to find seating in this section, you will get to see Penn and Teller perform up close.

The lowest-priced seats on the Penn and Teller Rio seating chart are $61 and up. The $61 seats will allow you to sit in the Mezzanine section, located in the rear middle of the theater. The other seat prices are about $75 for the Balcony, $100 for Orchestra, and $120 for Amphitheatre.

What are The Best Seats for Penn and Teller?

The best seats on the Penn and Teller Theater seating chart are in the Amphitheatre section. It will give you the best views of the two magicians and their magic tricks as they perform for the crowd.

The Orchestra section is behind the Amphitheatre section. It can also give you great views of the stage from a slightly farther distance. However, it is still close enough to see the magicians and their magic tricks clearly.

The Mezzanine section is behind the Orchestra section. It is a lot farther away from the main stage but offers the lowest seat prices in the theater. If you are on a budget, you should consider purchasing tickets for seats in the Mezzanine section.

The final section is the Balcony section in the rear of the theater. It is higher above the main floor, so it’ll give you the chance to look down at the performers from a distance. Anyone who wants to sit with a private party should consider the Balcony section.

How Many Seats are In The Penn and Teller Theater?

The Penn and Teller show has approximately 1,475 seats in the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel.