Piff The Magic Dragon

Come See a Magical Funny Dragon, Chihuahua and Showgirl Together on Stage

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon is not the usual Las Vegas magic show. Instead, it involves two fictional characters, Piff the Magic Dragon and a tiny Chihuahua named Mr. Piffles. Together, they create a funny and cute comedy magic act for audiences at the Flamingo Showroom in the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel.

About Piff The Magic Dragon

John van der Put is a British magician and comedian who plays Piff the Magic Dragon. His character has appeared on successful television shows like America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He also tours with Mumford and Sons as a supporting magic act at their events. Variety Magazine listed John on their 2019’s 10 Comics to Watch list.

Mr. Piffles is Piff’s Chihuahua sidekick. This cute dog has been nicknamed the “World’s Only Magic Performing Chihuahua.” He assists Piff with a collection of impressive and original magic routines. They involve Piff putting Mr. Piffles on a series of adventures and stunts. Watch as Mr. Piffles gets laminated, levitated, and placed in a straight jacket. Piff even shoots Mr. Piffles out of a cannon.

Don’t worry, though. Mr. Piffles is a trained professional, just like Piff the Magic Dragon. Mr. Piffles was initially a rescue dog in 2019. After Piff adopted Mr. Piffles, the two have been best friends and colleagues ever since. Piff the Magic Dragon has introduced another character to the show as well, Jade Simon.

Jade has many names. She is the Las Vegas Showgirl Assistant of Piff the Magic Dragon and “The Girl with the Dragon to Do List.” With a background in music, dance, and theater, Jade uses her performance arts skills to open for Piff and Mr. Piffles. Not only does she open for him at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas, but also in comedy clubs throughout the country.

Piff the Magic Dragon has been a headliner show at the Flamingo Hotel for the last five years. John performs every night on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. His Las Vegas magic show introduces audiences to some of his classic tricks and new stunts never before seen. You never know what to expect until you see his Las Vegas magic show in person.

Piff the Magic Dragon will make you laugh and go “wow” throughout the 75-minute show. You’ll see everything from beautiful showgirls dancing to a cute dog that levitates and gets shot into the air unharmed. Piff is a magic dragon that has brought unexplainable magic and trickery to the Las Vegas scene. He doesn’t think of himself as a comedian, although his magic is quite funny. You will enjoy it for sure.

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