Potted Potter

Re-Tell a Classic Fantasy Series in The Most Hilarious Manner Possible

Potted Potter Las Vegas Show

If you want to come along to a show that takes the famous Harry Potter series in a whole new direction, then book up for Potted Potter – All 7 Harry Potter Books in 70 Minutes. This hilarious show is one that takes one of the best book series of all-time and turns it into a hilarious on-stage representation, with everything cranked up to 10 on the whimsy scale. So, why not try it out for yourself and see what fun is waiting for you with Potted Potter?

Potted Potter Las Vegas Review

If you want to see what some consider the best family friendly show in Las Vegas, then you should come and book-up with Potted Potter. It’s a tremendous evening for anyone aged 6 or above and runs on various times at The Magic Attic itself. The 70-minute show takes all seven of the Potter books and transforms them into a hilarious re-telling through the eyes of some of the funniest experts in Las Vegas.

They put the show together into a hilarious magic show where ethe whole thing is retold, keeping all of the key details involved whilst really going the extra mile on the comedy factor. Sit back and enjoy a show that has made sure you can enjoy the re-telling in the way that only a group of comedic energy bunnies could pull off possibly.

As Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner prance around on-stage in hilarious costumes and props, you’ll get to see a show that really knows how to make these books leap off the page with a few more comical moments added in for good measure.

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As the show unfolds, you will get to see an outrageous take on one of the biggest book and movie series of all-time. They are rich with detail, and you’ll see all of the major moments of the series re-told in a way that was simply not possible without some added comedic charm.

Harry Potter is a series with plenty of funny moments, and these two experts manage to capture the best moments in a way that can have both kids and parents bowled over in laughter.

Take control of the experience that you have when shopping around for Las Vegas entertainment in the form of a Potted Potter experience that really should live up to the highest of expectations. So, why not come along and see a re-telling of Harry Potter that turns it from a fantasy into a comedy specialty?

FAQs About Potted Potter Show

How Long Is Potted Potter In Vegas?

As a truly talented comedian in Las Vegas, Daniel Clarkson and his creative partner Jefferson Turner’s show, Potted Potter, manages to cram all seven stories from the Harry Potter books into a seventy-minute show that performs Monday through Sunday at 2 PM and 8 PM!

Is Potted Potter a good show?

Potted Potter is geared explicitly toward Harry Potter fans because of the Harry Potter theme of the show. However, even if you’re not a fan of Harry Potter, you will still laugh at the humorous retelling of the seven Harry Potter books.

Is Potted Potter funny?

Potted Potter is funny, but it will probably be even more hilarious to people already familiar with the Harry Potter books or movies.

Who wrote Potted Potter?

The show’s two original performers, Jefferson Turner and Daniel Clarkson, wrote Potted Potter.

What age is Potted Potter for?

The minimum age requirement to see Potted Potter is six years or older.

Is Potted Potter Family Friendly Show?

Potted Potter is one of the best kid-friendly shows, so it is perfect for the entire family! It showcases characters and stories from the Harry Potter series in a fun, fresh, and condensed form. This 70-minute show is the perfect amount of time to relax and enjoy the entertainment with the whole family!

Where Is Potted Potter Playing?

Potted Potter plays Monday through Sunday at the Magic Attic, which is located at the Bally’s Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas. check out more Bally’s shows in Las Vegas.

What Are The Best Seats For Potted Potter Show?

Finding the best seats for Potted Potter show starts with checking out the Potted Potter seating chart! Take a look to see which seats are the best ones for you!

Is there a dress code for potted potter show?

There is no formal Potted Potter dress code. Feel free to wear casual attire if it makes you more comfortable.

How much are Potted Potter tickets in Las Vegas?

The minimum price of Potted Potter Las Vegas tickets is $59 and up.

How to Get Cheap Tickets For Potted Potter Show?

Ticket prices can vary significantly depending on where, when, and how you buy them. To get the best deal on Potted Potter show, be sure to read all of the tips in our Potted Potter discount tickets guide!