Purple Reign Seating Chart

Learn About The Four Popular Seating Sections On The Purple Reign Seating Chart

Purple Reign

Purple Reign is the perfect tribute show to the legendary Prince. Anyone who misses the 1990s will find themselves transported back in time after they come to the Tropicana Theater to witness Purple Reign up close and personal. Renowned Prince impersonator Jason Tenner sings Prince’s greatest hits. His looks and vocals are almost identical to the legend himself.

Purple Reign Tropicana Seating Chart

Purple Reign Tropicana Seating Chart

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The Purple Reign Tropicana seating chart outlines the locations of the seating sections in the Tropicana Theater of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. The four main seating sections in the theater are the Mezzanine, General Admission, Preferred, and VIP. Of course, the most desirable seats are in the VIP section because they are closest to the center stage. The minimum price for VIP tickets is $109 and up.

Fortunately, you can find much cheaper tickets in a different section of the Purple Reign seating chart. The cheapest ticket for the Purple Reign show is $54 for General Admission seating. It is a significant price difference because the General Admission seating is farther away from the theater than the VIP seating. But the VIP seating can get you a table or booth close to the stage, which is another reason to spend the extra money on a $109 ticket.

General Admission is not the farthest section from the center stage. The Tropicana Purple Reign seating chart shows the Mezzanine section behind the General Admission section. The Mezzanine is a low-level story elevated enough to see a clear view of the center stage from the far rear of the theater. It may be farther away, but there are no obstructions in the way of people’s views because of the elevated position of the seating.

The Tropicana Las Vegas Purple Reign seating chart still has the Preferred seating option. The Preferred section is behind the VIP section but in front of the General Admission section. It is more economical to choose a Preferred seat because it is not too far from the stage. Preferred is the perfect neutral choice for anyone looking to spend some money on a good seat without it having to be the most expensive seat.

What are The Best Seats for Purple Reign?

The Purple Reign Las Vegas show is performed in the Tropicana Theater of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. The Purple Reign Tropicana seating chart indicates the best seats are in the VIP section of the theater. The VIP section features tables and booths; both offer amazing views of the center stage. But if you want the absolute best VIP seat, most people prefer a booth over a table.

How Many Seats are In The Purple Reign Theater?

The Tropicana Purple Reign seating chart indicates that the Tropicana Theater has approximately 800 seats. It isn’t exactly an intimate setting, but it isn’t the largest theater either. The 800-seat capacity makes it the perfect viewing experience for audience members in the entire theater.