Rich Little

Enjoy The Hilarious Insight of a Legendary American Comedian

Rich Little Las Vegas Show

When you come to Las Vegas, you know that you are in amongst the home of the stars. Still, you can often be surprised at just how many big names and celebrity stars that you might come across on an evening out. If you want to spend your time in the company of a proper American comedic royalty, though, you need to book up for an evening with Rich Little!

Ingenious Comedy Put Together by a Master at Work

For those who are with teenage kids and want a comedic evening out, this is a fine starting place for sure. Rich Little is the kind of comic who appeals to any kids 12+ and has the kind of humor that adults can be entranced by as well. He’s on for an hour every evening at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana. It’s all about coming here, settling in for the evening, and hearing a range of whimsical gags. Little covers so many various topics that you can enjoy an evening watching his hilarious impersonations and so much more.

Trust us, if you are in the mood for a Las Vegas comedy show where the comedian has the audience in awe of his wit, this is a good place to start. Impressionists can be hard to match, and you’ll no doubt spend all evening afterward trying to match your own impersonations. When you are in the company of a genius like Rich Little, though, you are watching someone who is a master at work of capturing the exact tone of anyone he wishes. You might even forget you are listening to just an impression if you close your eyes!

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Elite Impressions Put together by a Specialist in The Genre

While many people have tried to take on the role of being a comedian, you might find that someone like Rich Little can offer something a little bit different. This is easily one of the best shows in Las Vegas for people who have an enjoyment and a natural love of the impressionist at work.

If you choose to come and see a specialist like Rich Little, you will get to see someone who has been in the act since the 1970s and has more or less mastered anyone that you can think of.

See a specialist in the art of impressions go through everyone from famous politicians to fellow comics and even more; come along and see for yourself why Rich Little has remained the gold standard when it comes to impression comedy.